3 Buffets in the UK that are Worth a Cheat Day

Sometimes, there are just those days when you feel like pigging out and filling your tummy with so much food. Especially if you’re with friends who like doing the same, it’s just easy to enjoy a lengthy and bountiful meal. Buffet restaurants are the best places to visit for such a purpose as they make filling yourself to the brim possible at friendly prices.

Sadly, not every all-you-can-eat restaurant offer quality food. Some tend to prioritize quantity over quality, so if you want something tasty, you have to carefully choose the right restaurant to go to. If you want to make sure that you’ll have a great time, though, here are a few buffet restaurants in the UK that are definitely worth a cheat day.

Wing Wah

If you’re craving for a good lot of Pan Asian dishes, Wing Wah is a great place to visit. Each location is striking – a pagoda in Birmingham, a modern Chinese eatery in Coventry, and a spacious and sleek restaurant in Burton. This family friendly diner can get busy, so you’re guaranteed that food is always fresh.

The best thing about Wing Wah is that they have really friendly prices and ongoing discount promos for kids. This way, you can bring the whole brood along the next time you want to get stuffed with Asian delicacies.

Hi Sushi Salsa

One of the most notable things about Hi Sushi Salsa is it’s fusion of Japanese and Latin cuisines. They do so wonderfully, making them quite a great pick if you want to dine somewhere different. It’s not necessarily a buffet restaurant as it has an ala carte menu and the sushi are the only things you get to eat as much as you can of for a friendly price. This tends to guarantee that the food is of great quality, especially since what they serve isn’t necessarily for mass consumption.

Rodizio Rico

rodizo-rico-priceguidelady-co-ukBrits are no stranger to all-you-can-eat meat, but a rodizio, sometimes called a churrascaria, or a Brazilian barbeque restaurant, is still a concept not everyone is familiar with, but they should. These places are great as they let you eat as much meat as you can handle, with several grilled options to choose from.

Rodizio Rico is one of the players in the UK and will give you a good run for your money, especially if you’re a major carnivore. A wide range of vegetable dishes are available as well, so you can easily balance out your meal.

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