4 of the Best Caribbean Restaurants in London

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest trends in the food industry in the UK, you’ll know just how Caribbean cuisine is taking the country by storm as of late. There’s something about the jerks, rum, and marinades that entice and excite the Britons, reminding them of their time as tourists or ex-pats in these sunny parts of the globe.

Those who are hankering for a taste of the laidback, warm tropics, here are some of the finest Caribbean eateries in London today:

Turtle Bay

A fast growing casual dining restaurant chain, Turtle Bay makes Caribbean food a lot more accessible. They offer a wide range of meat and vegetable stews, mostly rum-based cocktails, savoury dishes, and of course, jerks. While some argue the authenticity of Turtle Bay, a lot of people praise it for being able to adapt its offerings to the British taste. Each dish is a soul food, but made with the local consumers in mind.

Dub Jam

Fond of food that you eat with your hands? Dub Jam is a great place to get your fill for that, if you’ll find a seat in this popular Caribbean rum shack. They offer outstanding jerk burgers, Jamaican patties, skewers, barbeque corn, and great cocktails.

The Rum KitchenThe Rum Kitchen - PriceGuideLady.co.uk

Offering all the Caribbean classics at London prices is The Rum Kitchen. With excellent locations around London, it’s basically a beach shack in the middle of the city. They’re famous for their curried mutton, saltfish fritters, coconut rice, and pan fried sea bream. Some say that their jerks aren’t as rich as what others can offer, but you can never go wrong with their rum-based cocktails.

Boom Burger

Effectively capitalizing on two trends that London is infatuated with is Boom Burger. This casual dining restaurant offers jerks as burger patties and burgers as substitute to Jamaican patty. It’s all about making an exotic cuisine more familiar, and it works. Don’t miss out on the Jerk Boom, the eatery’s signature meal composed of jerk chicken burger with mango, fried plantain, rocket, and pawpaw sauce. Of course, rum-based cocktails are also available, so try out their popular Sorrel and Rum cocktail.

Completing the whole Caribbean feel and vibe is the exquisite interiors in each and every one of these eateries. They’re all colorful, fun, and teeming with life, so you’re always reminded of those days you’ve enjoyed under the warm Caribbean sun, but they’re also inarguably cosmopolitan and chic, letting you know that you’re still in the heart of London.

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