4 Popular International Cuisine Restaurants Every Foodie Should Visit

Dining in London is one of the most exciting things to do with all of the options easily available. Delectable British fare is always easily available in local pubs and diners, but if you’re hankering for something different, there are tons of other places that will give you a good fill. International cuisine is definitely healthy in this city, so you’ll never run out of options if you ever feel like traveling to the other side of the globe with just a bite.

However, as not all restaurants are made equally, some are just better than others. To help you avoid disappointment, here are four of the most popular international cuisine restaurants in the city that you shouldn’t miss.

Rum Kitchen

Craving for a taste of the Caribbean? Head to Rum Kitchen and get yourself full to the brim with their jerks, saltfish fritters, curried mutton, ribs, and other tropical classics. They’re also widely known for their authentic rum-based cocktails, making this eatery a popular watering hole at the same time.

With a beachy space and a laid back vibe, a visit to the Rum Kitchen will make you feel like you’re back on your island getaway, no matter how long ago it might’ve been that you’ve been out of London. Brunch is also available on weekends, so if you don’t have plans, head here and stuff yourself with something tasty.

Delhi Grilldelhi-grill-priceguidelady-co-uk

In a city as diverse as London, it’s not hard to find an authentic Indian restaurant that is also friendly on the pocket. The Delhi Grill serves classic Punjabi dishes in a relatively styled canteen that is already a huge step up from what other diners of the same kind offers. You can enjoy fresh chapatis, grilled fish, biryanis, and an array of other delicacies that will fill you up with strong and fragrant flavors and tastes.


Named after the ancient Eritrean seaside city, Adulis is known not only for its excellent stews and classic South African fare, but also for the fun after-dinner affair they have. Adulis is as traditional as it can get in London, from its interiors to its good vibes.

Everest Inn

Nepalese cuisine isn’t exactly found in many parts of the world, so it’s very exciting to get a chance to sample the taste of Katmandu through the Everest Inn. This diner serves subtle flavors than Indian restaurants offer, but it doesn’t mean that they’re of lesser quality. This eatery may be a long way away from home, but it tastes authentic and exotic nonetheless.

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