4 Specialty Bars to Hit This Weekend

With London’s bustling nightlife, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find lots of cocktail bars in the city. A lot of them are even famous for serving a specific spirit in as many possible ways. These specialty bars are great for those who prefer a select type of liquor, letting them try out different drinks made with the same alcoholic beverage.

If you haven’t tried one of these specialty cocktail bars, here are a few that’s definitely worth your time and hangover the next day.

1. Dirty Martini

Constantly present in best-of lists for London cocktail bars, Dirty Martini is definitely well worth your time and excitement. The place is swanky and fashionable with a crowd that matches the interiors. They have a generous happy hour and cool vibes all over.

While they make the best Martini concoctions (try the chocolate martini, especially if you have a sweet tooth), they also serve a wide array of other cocktails that will quench your thirst and get you in a better mood. The best thing is that they have five locations in London, so you can always drop by in one.

2. The London Gin Club

If gin is your choice of drink, the London Gin Club will be a haven of spirited drinks for you. They have more than 130 types of gin, so you’re guaranteed to have ample of options. They also have gin tasting menus that change regularly, allowing you to sample a different one on your every visit.

Their bestseller? The gin and tonic, of course. They say that the London Gin Club has the best gin and tonic, so every gin lover should check it out.

3. Shochu Loungeshochu-lounge-priceguidelady-co-uk

Complementing the ritzy Japanese restaurant Roka is the Shochu Lounge, a chic bar that serves cocktails based on the vodka-like spirit from the Land of the Rising Sun. A visit here is the best way to cap off your Japanese dinner, completing your Eastern evening with much flair.

There’s not a lot of places that serve shochu-based cocktails in London, letting Shochu Lounge corner a specific portion of the clientele. If you haven’t tried getting drunk on Japanese liquor yet, this place is a great place to get your first taste.

4. Rum Kitchen

Rum Kitchen is a well-celebrated bar and restaurant that will take you back to your last holiday in the Caribbean without leaving London. Stepping into one of their locations will instantly

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