5 Exciting Things To Do At The London Zoo

The London Zoo is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of daily life. No business calls, no deadlines, no dull meetings, just boundless nature. The fun thing is that you get to be selfish and selfless at the same time, you get a retreat from the world, and you give the earth a second chance.

Zoos are the perfect way to connect with nature, and everyone needs to connect with nature as a way to hit the refresh button. At the zoo you get the opportunity to see what wildlife is native to the United Kingdom, but also wildlife from other countries around the world. So in a sense, it is like taking trip around the world, without getting on a plane.

The London Zoo offers a variety of attractions with intriguing themes which include, but are not limited to the following:


Into Africa is a section of the zoo designed around the concept of the African continent, and the wildlife it has to offer. Imagine a safari through the African Savannah, with zebra grazing, warthogs rolling in the mud and giraffes with their necks up in the trees. Into Africa lets you see these animals up close.

Some of the animals you can see in the Into Africa section include pygmy hippopotamus, warthogs and the Rothschild’s giraffe. In order to give you an up close encounter with the giraffes, the zoo has built a platform high up so that you and the giraffes can be at the same level.

rainforest - PriceGuideLady.co.ukRainforest

The Rainforest life is an area of the zoo that houses different rainforest animals. This area is located indoors, and it gives you a feel of the Amazon rainforest. Imagine walking under a canopy of dense green forest, with the sound of birds and insects in the air, and every now and then a brightly colored monkey swings through the trees.

The main area of the exhibition has animals like armadillos, golden-headed lion tamarins and Goeldi marmosets. There is a darkened area called Nightlife for the nocturnal animals of the rainforest. These area houses animals such as the lorises, Malagasy giant rats and Seba’s short-tailed bats.

Australian Outback

The Outback is themed after the Australian environment. It has emus, red kangaroos and wallabies to really get you into the Australian spirit. The enclosure has an artificial rock cliff built in, which will enhance your visual experience but also enriches the animals’ lives.


The aquarium in the zoo, also happens to be the first aquarium in the whole world. The aquarium has three sections, the first is a freshwater fish section, the second is a coral reef section, and the third is a section for fish species native to the Amazon River. There is also a big fish tank.

Animal Adventure

This area of the zoo is primarily for children. It has playgrounds, and the animals found in here are domestic animals. These animals include llamas, kunekune pigs and even silkie chickens, with a few more exotic animals like aardvarks and meerkats.

So take a trip down to the London Zoo and enjoy yourself, it can be a date, or a family trip, but you can be sure it will be loads of fun.

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