5 Movies That Will Make You Fall in Love This Year

A good romantic movie has the ability to make us fall in love with life itself. It tells a story filled with hope, beautiful characters and, of course, romance. Here are some of the top romantic films to look out for in 2015. These are sure to warm your heart and make you believe in true love once more.


This delightful rom-com centers around the romance between an experienced con artist, played by Will Smith, and a naive woman, played by the beautiful Margot Robbie. The pair falls in love as the young woman joins his sketchy business. The couple ends up parting ways, only to cross each other’s path a few years later as they both go after the thrilling heist of a lifetime. This time the handsome con artist finds he has to compete for his ladylove’s affections against another suitor, a man nobody messes with.

The Rewrite

Screenwriter Ray used to have it all, including an Academy Award for Best Screenplay. As fate would have it, he finds himself over a decade later broke, divorced and going through a midlife crisis. He decides to teach at a small college where he hopes to make easy money and maybe flirt with some co-eds. Plans change after he meets a happy-go-lucky single mom who teaches him a thing or two about falling in love.

Love, Rosie

Alex and Rosie have known each other since they were 5. They remain friends for years, with their paths crossing once more as adults. This time is different as Alex and Rosie are made to choose between staying safe as friends or risking it all for the sake of a sweet romance. The film is based on Cecelia Ahern’s 2004 popular novel Where Rainbows End (Ahern wrote the bestseller PS, I Love You). Audience will love the story’s warmth and its tried-and-tested themes of true love and friendship.

THE AGE OF ADALINE - 2015 FILM STILL - Ellis Jones (Michiel Huisman) and Adaline Bowman (Blake Lively) - Photo Credit: Diyah PeraThe Age Of Adaline

A woman born in the early 20th century appears as a 29-year-old forever. Adaline stopped aging, the magical result of a car accident. Eternal youth comes with its own cross to bear. For eight long decades she has to live a lonely life as she keeps anyone from getting too close and knowing her secret. Save for her daughter, Adaline doesn’t know love, not until she meets a charming philanthropist who reminds her of the romance she’s been missing. During a weekend with his parents, Adaline finds some secrets can’t be hidden forever. Harrison Ford plays her lover’s father, a man who knew Adaline from years earlier. The beautiful scenes and romantic storylines are guaranteed to titillate the emotions of romance lovers.

We are Your Friends

Zac Efron plays a young struggling DJ, Cole, who wants to make a name for himself in Hollywood’s dance and music scene. His dreams of becoming a music producer draws closer when an older DJ, James, takes him under the veteran’s wing. Romance is in the air after Cole bonds with James’ girlfriend, Sophie. Tension runs very high as Cole and Sophie’s friendship evolves into something much more. We are Your Friends allows Zac Efron to showcase his acting skills while the fast and trendy backdrop of Los Angeles gives this film an interesting hip vibe for the romance genre. Delight your ears to the slick music tracks this movie generously provides while enjoying the chemistry between Cole and Sophie.

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