Avis Car Rental/Hire

“We Try Harder” Indeed, Avis Car Rental strongly emphasizes its commitment toward simplifying the vehicle leasing experience and, thus, encouraging more people to become regular customers as well as in providing them with generous rewards. While a few of their rental fees are slightly higher than the industry average, majority of its customers are agreeable with them because of the better choices, better customer services, and better terms than the competition.


In 1946, Warren Avis anticipated the changes in travel preferences after World War II and founded Avis Airlines Rent a Car Systems at the Willow Run Airport in Detroit, Michigan. His initial fleet consisted of 3 cars but he was a pioneer because his company was the world’s first-ever car rental operation in an airport.

By 1953, Avis was making headway in the international market with franchise operations in Canada, Mexico, and Europe with Africa and the Middle East locations established by 1965. By 1973, it was the market leader in these areas.

Avis has also changed ownership in the succeeding years. In 1986, Avis Europe was listed at the London Stock Exchange, the first car rental company to do so. In 1989, it reverted to private ownership Avis Inc., General Motors, and D’Ieteren as the three major shareholders. In 1997, it was once again listed in the London Stock Exchange.

Today, Avis Car Rental operates from more than 5,000 locations across 165 countries including the United Kingdom.

What Sets Them Apart

Avis has established an enviable reputation for being a trusted and trustworthy car rental company with a tradition of fleet innovation, customer loyalty, and quality services. With these traits, the company is considered as among the most awarded companies in its industry with awards that include World’s Leading Car Hire, World’s Leading Car Rental Company Website, and World’s Leading Luxury Car Rental Company for Avis Prestige, to name a few.

Even with budget-friendly competitors, such as Budget Car Rental, it has maintained its lead for the abovementioned reasons.

Why Become a Customer

Avis offers its customers one of the largest selections of rental vehicles from pick-up trucks to luxury sedans and everything else in between including specialty vehicles. While the specific models will vary between locations, the range is usually sufficient to meet the needs and wants of every type of customer. All the cars in the fleet are also maintained in good, if not great, running condition – a strong commitment made by Avis for the satisfaction of its customers.

Plus, choosing the right type of car is easier because its official website provides complete information, such as make and model, gas mileage, and number of passengers, about each vehicle. Returning the car is also convenient with its Roving Rapid Return system although it isn’t available in all locations.

Enroll in the Avis Preferred or Avis First program to enjoy membership perks.