Best Attractions In Bristol Zoo for Kids

If you are looking for a great place to take your kids, look no further than the Bristol Zoo. Zoos are an amazing place to take children. You and your kids get to commune with nature, and learn about the world around you. It is a great opportunity for you to bond with the children, expose them to a richer experience and to teach them lessons of conserving the environment.

The zoo has stated that its mission is to defend biodiversity by breeding endangered species, conserving species that have been threatened and creating a better understanding of the natural world. At the moment the zoo has over 300 mammals, which include Asiatic lions and okapi. It also has Livingstone’s fruit bats and aye ayes.

The Seal And Penguin Coasts

This is an attraction that lets children experience the lives of marine animals likes penguins. The exhibition houses South American fur seals and also a slew of African penguins originating in South Africa. Observers get to see the animals both above and below water, in a 145,000 gallon pool that has rocks, waterfalls and waves which gives the impression of the natural habitat from which the animals originated. In the same enclosure, you can find common eiders and also Inca terns.

Bug Worldn- World

There are several bugs in the world, and at a young age they can be such a source of fascination. The bugs on display will enchant, scare and maybe even disgust kids, but they will not be boring. Bugs on display include: Tarantulas, Hercules beetles, giant millipedes and giant wetas.


The aquarium is the perfect place for children to see over 60 species of fish. It has three sections: Coral reef, The Amazon River and Africa. Some of the species of fish that children can observe in the aquarium include: chiclids, seahorses, pacu, and piranha. The aquarium is home to two notable endangered species of fish, goodeids from Mexico and cichlids from Cameroon.

Activity Centre

The Activity Centre is an area of the zoo where children can find things to do with their hands, while learning about the zoo and the wildlife that it houses. These activities include drawing and coloring, brass-rubbing, bead-making and face-painting. If the children have not had enough of the zoo at the end of the day, you can buy products to take home that allow the kids to continue their activities at home.

Adventure Playground

The adventure playground is a great place for the kids to run around and expend all that youthful energy, while you take a break from all the walking around. There are forts, slides and wooden animals to ride. The adventure playground is animal themed, and it allows the children to interact with other children, while giving them a sense of the wild.

Now that you know what a great idea a trip to Bristol Zoo is, start planning that trip now and surprise you child with the most fun trip ever.


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