Best Hair Salons in London

Looking your best can be a challenge, especially when you do not have access to the right stylist or hair dresser to work with.

Although the UK is choc-full of salons, such as Rush Hair Salon, it is always best to put your looks in the hands of an expert. Whether you are looking to get a cut, change your color or even get a total make over, these top salons will do the job for you.

  1. Four- Want to freshen your look with a new hair color? From getting rid of white strands to subtly adding some flair or boldly changing colors, the experts at this London salon can help you. With coloring as their specialty, each expert can provide a detailed explanation of what will look best on you in line with the look you want. Expect to get exactly what you want when you walk into Four at 62 Conduit Street.
  2. The Spa and Barber at Alfred Dunhill- Men who are more comfortable with traditional barbershops rather than salons will find what they need here. Expected to be greeted by luxury when you come in for a cut or shave at this flagship store. Men can get their hair colored and primped in privacy without worrying about sitting in a space with other women at this masculine studio. Services are also reasonably priced despite the brand name that comes with it.Brooks and Brooks -
  3. Brooks and Brooks- The price of a cut may be just as important as the way it looks. For those looking to get a great
    hair cut without having to empty their bank account, Brooks and Brooks is the place to go. The multi-awarded salon has won London Hairdresser of the Year Award three times. They offer good cuts at low value and may even offer restyling completely free on some days. Cuts are supervised by experts and done by trainees in the salon.
  4. Daniel Hersheson- If you’ve grown tired of having the same old look and want something that is completely new and fresh, staff at this salon can help you out. Each of their stylists are trained to do a variety of cuts. Whether you want something straight from the cat walk, classic or completely out of the box, they can style it for you. Consult with their staff to get exactly the look you want.
  5. Hershesons Blow Dry Bars– The same company has also made a name for itself in the area pf blow-drys. Perfect for women on the go with a busy schedule, they offer quick blow drying and setting services. Take your pick from twelve different set styles that can be done in just 30 minutes or so and for a reasonable price too. Both bookings and walk-ins are accepted making this a convenient choice for today’s busy and modern woman.

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