Best Theaters You Can Find in the UK

When it comes to entertainment in the UK, theaters are definitely part and parcel of the choices. In fact, more people go to theatres than watch premiere league games.

There are literally hundreds of choices, with more than 200 theatres alone in London.  The most well known Cineworld offers a great experience but which are the best choices? Read on to find out which direction you should be heading. There are choices for theaters in London, Scotland and Wales making it possible to catch a good show wherever you may be.

  1. Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre– Dedicated to the original Globe Theatre established by William Shakespeare in Shakespeares Globe Theatre - 1500’s, this rebuilt playhouse stands very closely to the original site. Located in London the structure is a replica of the original Elizabethan theater. Performances of Shakespeare’s plays are regularly shown, along with information on the place and its original founder. Children can also enjoy a playground outside.
  2. Playhouse Theatre- Originally known as the Royal Avenue Theatre this playhouse situated in Northumberland Avenue, Westminster. The playhouse gained popularity with the debut of George Bernard Shaw’s Arms and the Man in 1894. Today the West End theatre is owned and run by the Ambassador Theatre Group and runs regular performances year round.
  3. Sadler’s Wells Theatre– Found in Rosebery Avenue, Clerkenwell this is the number one site around the globe which is dedicated to international dance. Year round performances of all types of dance from ballroom to hip hop and repertory numbers are done here. Whether you just love to dance or are looking to increase your knowledge of the art, this is the best place to go for dance related entertainment in the UK.
  4. Royal Exchange Theatre- Established in 1976, this has the largest in-the-round theatre space in the country. Located in the Royal Exchange Building in St. Ann’s Square right in the middle of Manchester. With a seating capacity of up to 750 people in three levels, it provides a 360° performance space which gives the audience their own perspective on their performance.
  5. Royal National Theatre- A publicly funded theater that is located in South Bank, London this theater sets up to 30 performances to stage each year. Aside from being a place to watch great performances that are recognized around the world, it is also a prominent landmark in the area.
  6. National Theatre of Scotland-A relatively new playhouse that was started just in 2006, this theatre has quickly made a name for itself. The company has already made tours in Scotland, around the UK and worldwide. Audience can expect to find a wide range of performances from full scale productions to small stage performances.
  7. Wales Millennium Centre-The national home for performing arts located in Cadriff Bay it is one of the biggest cultural attractions within the UK. With eight partners the theatre is known for staging operas, ballets, musicals, contemporary dance circuses and a range of free performances.

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