Best Way to Set Weight Loss Goals

When setting weight loss goals, there is a more intelligent way to do so, just like setting career and financial goals. For anyone who wants to lose weight or be healthier and build more muscle, it’s recommended to have S.M.A.R.T. goals.

These goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. It matters not whether you work out at home, at the park, or at a gym like David Lloyd, you will need to set your goals the smart way if you want to achieve results.

Specific Goals

If you don’t have specific weight loss goals, it will be very difficult to continue exercising and keeping track of your progress. How will you know how far you’ve come if you didn’t pinpoint your goals? Bear in mind that it’s fine to have plenty of goals.

These can include shedding weight, accomplishing a specific amount of exercise routines, upgrading your health, or simply just living better via healthy choices you make daily.

Questions to Ask Yourself

To help you sets specific goals and lose weight the right way, ask yourself: What do I want to achieve via my exercise routine? Are these goals attainable and realistic? Do I know the specific ways I can attain these goals?

Do I have a specific timeline so I know if I’m on track in reaching these goals? Is there a way I can reward myself when I accomplish my goals? What are these rewards?

Being RealisticBeing Realistic -

One good example is asking yourself if it’s reasonable and realistic to have the goal of losing 20 kilos in the next five months. Sure, many goals are possible but they may not be the most reasonable.

Are you willing, for instance, to eat right and exercise daily if you’re attempting to lose a large amount of weight in a small amount of time?

Realistically, losing weight is more difficult than most people think and it also goes slower than expected. Experts usually say that to lose weight in a healthy manner, we should all lose only about a half a kilo to a kilo each week, yet most people will have a hard time losing half a kilo each week.

Points to Remember

As a general rule, the more stones you want to shed, the more difficult it will be to lose the weight. The less amount of weight the body has to move around, the fewer amount of calories are burned while moving.

Furthermore, the closer we get to reaching our goals, the more difficult they are to attain.

Exercise Threshold

Many people find that the weight they are able to maintain is not exactly the weight they prefer to keep. There’s such a thing called an exercise threshold. This is the amount of exercises anyone can comfortably and realistically fit into their schedule.

Sometimes we reach or exceed this threshold, but it’s vital to determine precisely where your own threshold is so you can find out if your goal is realistic.

Hard work at a gym like David Lloyd can definitely lead to weight loss.

Keep your goals in mind and decide to put in the hard work necessary so you can be on the right track to having the body you’ve always wanted.

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