Best Zoos in the UK Part 1

Animals are always entertaining to watch and see both for children and adults. Zoos are an ideal place for families to spend time and bond together as they get a look of animals they may not see all the time.

The United Kingdom has a lot of very good zoos in various locations. No matter where you are you are bound to find a good zoo to visit with the family.

  1. Chester Zoo– Among the most popular and most visited zoos in the UK, this is home to 12,000 different animals from 400 different species of which almost half are endangered. Chester zoo has also been named among the top 15 zoos in the whole world and is dedicated to conserving rare animals. Expect to see healthy and happy animals housed as close to their natural habitats as possible. Being the largest wildlife park in the United Kingdom it can take the whole day to see everything here.
  1. Colchester Zoo- If you are looking for an interactive zoo experience, this particular zoo provides a lot of hands-on experience for its visitors. Situated on 60 acres of property and with 270 animal species housed here. Kids can enjoy 50 daily displays of animals being fed and more. They also have one of the best primate and cat assortments in the continent. Children will also find other things to do in the four large play areas and the Madagascar Express train ride.
  1. Bristol Zoo Gardens– Relatively smaller than otherBristol Zoo Gardens - zoos, this animal habitat sits on 12 acres of land. Home to about 450 species of wildlife, it offers a variety of things to see from insects to lions. The small space has proven to be an advantage as guests explore the innovative habitats such as the glass roofed gorilla enclosure that you can walk over. Being a charity, the zoo aims to educate visitors about the plight of animals in the wild. Fees collected also help support conservation programs of the zoo.
  1. London Zoo– Also known as the ZSL Zoo, this is the oldest scientific zoo in the world. Established in 1828, it is home to 650 different species of animals. The 36 acre conservation center has a variety of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish. They also provide close encounters through thick glass and viewing of some animals during feeding time.
  1. Whipsnade Zoo- The largest zoo in the whole United Kingdom, this is set on 600 acres and features more than 2500 animals in total. The safari park houses many large animals such as elephants, lions, rhinos, brown bears, zebras and moose. It is also home the largest heard of Asian elephants in the region which can often be seen being walked during the afternoons. Children can also catch a ride on the steam engine as they look at the different animals in the zoo.

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