Burger King is Upping its Offerings with the All New Chicken Fries Rings

Originally called the “Insta-Burger King”, the Burger King is a fast food chain that traces its roots to the United States in the early 1950s. It offers the usual American fanfare: burgers, fried chickens, fries, and other fast food staples, providing an easy fix for those who crave a quick, heavy meal.

Best known for the Whopper burger line, BK has over 13,000 stores around the globe. Like other fast food chains, they offer a universal range of menu items with some additions in countries abroad to better cater to regional tastes.

Burger King Upping the Fastfood Chicken Game

Things are making a different turn for Burger King as of late. While burger is their number one product, there has been an increased interest in the chain’s chicken products. According to the company, more and more people are coming in for their chicken, which is a great testament to the variety they can offer.

With the growing interest of the market to BK’s chicken, they have just brought back their old school hit product, the Classic Chicken Fries. Originally introduced in 2005, the Chicken Fries are perfect for snacking, as it is quite filling and is very easy to eat even while on the go.

Chicken Fries Rings are Your New Fried Rings Option at the Burger KingChicken Fries Rings are Your New Fried Rings Option at the Burger King - PriceGuideLady.co.uk

The global fastfood chain isn’t entirely over in expanding the Burger King menu with a cult classic product, though. They have also just released their Chicken Fries Rings, which are basically circular versions of the Chicken Fries. Since everyone adores BK’s onion rings, why not offer a meatier version of this classic menu item, right?

Basically fried breaded chicken meat, the Chicken Fries Rings are circular with a hole in the middle. Fried until golden brown, they’re offering a nice spin to the regular fried chicken meat we all know and love.

What makes the Chicken Fries Rings perfect is their shape. Described as the ‘optimal shape for dipping,’ the Chicken Fries Rings come with a series of delicious dipping sauces. Choices include BBQ, Ranch, Zesty, Sweet & Sour, Honey Mustard, Buffalo, and Chicken Fries Sauce. Dip each ring and enjoy a unique and filling snack.

The Chicken Fries Rings are on a limited time offer only, so there’s no guarantee that these Burger King menu items will stick around for long. Pair it with the latest variant of Whopper and enjoy a whole new Burger King experience.

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