Caffe Nero and The British Coffee Culture

If stereotypes are to be believed, the British people are strongly attached to their strong teas sipped from fine china cups and to their lagers enjoyed from stout glasses that other drinks are unwelcome at the table. But this is not so because the British people are also becoming increasingly enamored of coffee in all its beautiful brown bean glory – and the 70 million cups of coffee consumed daily is just another proof of the love affair.

The Café Culture


Even with a cursory glance at the culinary environment in metropolitan areas like London, you will find that there are plenty of coffee shops for every budget and taste. Indeed, the British has moved from being a nation of tea aficionados to a nation of coffee lovers, with many actually taking pride in being coffee geeks who know every nuance.

Caffe Nero is one of the most popular coffee-based chains in the United Kingdom, a status that it has cultivated with a combination of great coffee, delicious food, and efficient service as well as easy accessibility.

You will find its shops in virtually every nook and cranny of pedestrian areas, high street, and even in train stations. Your first visit to any of its shops will be akin to a pleasurable initiation into the world of coffee – deep, rich and addictive.

The Reasons for Popularity

What has contributed to the increasing popularity of coffee? There’s a convergence of factors including:

  • The desire to emulate the cosmopolitan culture of cities like New York and Paris, which were hotbeds of the coffee culture
  • The emergence of the digital age that allowed workers to actually work away from their offices and socialize with others while still working. Cafes installed Wi-Fi connections as an added attraction, too.
  • The demand for breakfast on the go increased with hot coffee being part of the daily ritual.

Plus, there’s also the fact that coffeehouses continue to offer coffee as a specialty product with restorative qualities, especially to jumpstart your day.

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