Cheapest Movie Deals You Can Find at Local Movie Theatres

While there is no shortage of people who love seeing the latest movies, ticket prices are definitely affecting a lot of people’s will to go to the cinemas. With expensive movie tickets and equally pricey concession stands, some just opt to wait for the movies to be available on DVDs or online streaming.

What a lot of people don’t know is that there are tons of great offers that will let you enjoy the latest releases without spending too much. Some of these are the following:

Discounted Off-Peak Screenings

Movie houses tend to get packed at certain times and days as most people have their day jobs and school schedules to keep them occupied. If your schedule opens up a weekday or a few hours in the afternoon, you can catch screenings for much less.

Empire Cinema offers what they call the “Sav£rday Tuesday” deals where moviegoers only need to pay £4.50 for a ticket on Tuesdays. Cineworld also offer something like this on Tuesdays, but discounts vary depending on the screening time.

Special Family Deals

Going to the movies with the whole family in tow can be an expensive affair so cinemas are making doing so a lot more attractive to parents. Odeon offered such a deal last summer, charging only £30 for a family of four (two parents and two kids), inclusive of snacks and drinks. It’s only available on certain days of the week, but it’s definitely a great deal.

Membership Discounts

Almost every movie house also offers a loyalty program to their regular guests. These usually come with massive perks like discounts on food, free tickets after a certain number of visits, or a reward system that will let you earn points every time you visit, which you can then use as cash as soon as you’ve accumulated enough for a ticket.

Cineworld also has a notable one, called the Unlimited card, which lets you see as many movies as you want with just a fixed monthly fee. If you’re a big film buff, this deal is definitely a great score.

Senior, Students, and Juniors Dealssenior-students-and-juniors-deals-priceguidelady-co-uk

Certain people also get to enjoy discounts just because of their age. Seniors can enjoy discounted ticket prices on certain screening dates. Empire Cinema has the Empire Seniors which only charges £3 for Senior citizens on Wednesday mornings.

Students also get a discount on their every visit. All they need to do is to present their IDs and they’re entitled to pay lower prices for their tickets.

These are just a few of the many ways how you can get discounts on your movie tickets. A bit more research will tell you more techniques how you can cut costs on your regular trips to the movies.

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