Chester Zoo Review

Chester zoo is home to more than seven thousand animals. This is also the UK’s largest zoo. Conservation is indeed at the heart of this animal habitat. Many animals are breed here to live in this zoo, or other zoos, and some are even reintroduced to the wild. Chester zoo’s large staff includes many people involved in advocacy groups which strive to protect the planet and all of it’s inhabitants.

There are many ongoing education and research programs at this modern zoo. This will without a doubt be an excellent experience for people of all ages.

blue planet aquarium -

“Blue Planet Aquarium” has a fantastic display of sea creatures, as well as many fun and interesting programs available. “Bubble maker” kids diving program is an excellent opportunity for children to learn a bit about scuba diving. They will be given all necessary equipment and instruction in order to experience what it is like to be a scuba diver.

When the program is successfully completed, the child will receive a Bubble maker diving certificate. What kid would not love this opportunity? You will also find the opportunity for adults to dive with the sharks, if they dare… This aquarium offers fabulous displays, and great activities.

Anyone who has ever been to the horse races knows what an exiting time it is. Chester racecourse is a great way to spend a day out with friends, or for an evening date. Chester racecourse is well known for it’s top chefs, offering excellent meals.

You can expect to receive first class treatment here. You will find many exciting special events and occasions being celebrated here.

If however you want to learn more about the history of Chester then a walk round its city walls is perfect. One of the final Chester attractions, which should not be missed during your visit to the city especially with children, is Chester Zoo. T

his is the largest of all the zoo’s to be found in the UK today and has the largest colony of chimpanzee’s that is to be found in Europe. Plus there are another 7,000 animals that you and your children will want to see so you may need to spend a whole day exploring the zoo to fully appreciate what it has to offer.

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