Cinema Industry’s Strategies to Attract More Moviegoers

With online movie subscriptions, cable television, and pay-per-view, movie theater chains have been experiencing difficulties in attendance in recent years.

Studies have shown, too, that the sharpest decline in movie theater attendance was in the 14-24 age group.

The likes of Vue Movie Theatre chains are then applying creative strategies to attract more moviegoers – and their efforts are being rewarded, as evidenced by increased ticket sales for the latest blockbusters like Star Wars.

Here are a few of the creative strategies applied by movie theater chains that will work in your favor as a moviegoer.

Focus on Experience - on Experience

Instead of competing based on convenience, movie theaters are starting to focus more on experience. This means that moviegoers can look forward to an overall sensory experience that involves more of the five senses, aside from the usual senses of sight and sound.

Many movie theater chains, perhaps even your neighborhood Vue Movie Theatre, have implemented these cutting-edge, full-on movie experience including:

  • IMAX, a high-tech motion picture film format that provides audiences with arguably the best experience especially when it is coupled with a top-of-the-line sound system. Once you have watched superior movies, such as Avatar, on IMAX, you will never want to go back to the older film formats.
  • Kinetic seats, which spin, tilt and rumble according to the events on the big screen. This concept is already in effect in several movie theatres as well as in amusement parks, such as in Six Flags.

When more of the five senses are engaged in a movie, more customers are likely to spend money on movies. After all, you cannot get the same excellent movie experience in a cinema as in your home.

Thematic Designs

Cinema chains are also looking into thematic designs ranging from Egyptian palaces to restaurants-and-theaters in one location. Someday, you may even watch a movie on the big screen in a theatre that simulates a beach or a spa, perhaps even have hot tubs instead of seats.

The catchiest design, however, is the movie theater that also serves snacks and dinner with the seats especially designed for the purpose – no more struggling with your tub of popcorn and can of soda.

While you are watching a movie, you are also eating dinner, an experience that takes television dinners into a whole new level of enjoyment.

You may have to pay for higher ticket prices but you will find that it is worth every cent. You will be enjoying a better movie experience instead of just sitting down and watching the big screen with these strategies.

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