Cineworld Launches the First 4DX Cinema in UK

UK Cineworld audiences won’t simply watch a movie. They’ll see, sense, smell and feel it. Cineworld finally opens the first 4DX cinema that can stimulate all five senses. It would be an exhilarating experience for movie goers who fancy simulated rain, pungent smells and gusts of air to go with Coke and popcorn.

The 4DX will be featured using the latest multiplex in Milton Keynes. This auditorium will be the first to introduce the technology. The term “movies” may mean more the moment you’ve sat on Cineworld’s trademark rocking and rolling chairs.

Motion Seats

With vibrating motions seats that can move up and down, forwards and backwards, and side to side in synchronization with the screen action, 4DX certainly puts the movie goer to the next level. The seats were created by a South Korean developer and they were designed to simulate actions like driving and flying.

Environment Effects

The experience will be enhanced using environment effects that were affixed to the theatre. This includes fog blasters, water-shot aimed at the viewer’s face, strobe lighting and wind fans. Different scents can be pumped out such as burning explosives and coffee.

These scents will be directed to the audience. Seats are also packed with ticklers that brush the watcher’s back. However, it’s not obvious what scenes that would be applied.

Matthew Vaughn’s “The Kingsman: Secret Service” will be shown using the innovative 140-seater screen. It’s a spy thriller movie. Cinema tickets that normally cost £13.40 for adults will be sold for £14.90 if this film will also be viewed in 3D format.

More to ComeMore to Come -

Mooky Greidinger, chief executive of Cineworld said that Milton Keynes is just the first location. Others will soon follow. The objective of 4DX is to finally liberate the audience from the confinement of the traditional flat screen.

Improving one’s movie theatre experience is paramount. People will not only watch a movie, they’ll almost live it. The 4DX is an ultimate, state-of-the-art movie technology that is capable of delivering fully immersive cinematic experiences. Instead of getting confined in the usual cinema, it’s time for people to step inside a movie house tickles every senses.

People go to cinemas not only to watch their favorite movies with pretty actresses and handsome actors; they go to these places to enjoy. It’s very important for a cinema owner to provide the best experience and to make the movie goers feel that they’ve obtained their money’s worth.

Movie watching is no longer restricted by their aural and visual limits. The 4DX is considered as the next step in terms of movie-going evolution. This technology takes the audience on a journey, exploring deeper into full feature films. Free yourself from simply using flat screens. It’s time to use 4DX and live the experience.

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