Cineworld Unlimited Compared to Odeon’s Limitless Membership

For a long time Cineworld was the only theatre chain in the UK that offered consumers a means of watching movies as many times they wanted per month for a set price with their Unlimited membership.

However, Odeon Theatres have now offered their own take on this with their new Limitless membership. Which theatre chain does it best? Here’s a quick comparison for you to decide.


When it comes to cost, Cineworld is the winner but only by a small margin. Odeon’s Limitless can cost from £17.99 to £19.99 per month while Cineworld’s Unlimited will cost from £16 to £19.

Both of them require you to pay extra when you lose your card, when you want priority seating or to watch in 3D and IMAX but Cineworld’s scheme is just slightly cheaper at the time being.



A movie ticket at Cineworld generally costs £10 you’ll be getting your money’s worth if you watch movies at least twice a month. This becomes an even bigger bargain if you watch three to five times a month.

On average, an Odeon ticket costs £8 and the Limitless membership is at £17.99 to start so you’ll need to be a frequent movie goer in order to make the membership practical and useful.

Additional Benefits

Cineworld again wins this round and for good reason. Odeon has yet to add any bonuses to their card. Cineworld, on the other hand, gives you a 10 percent discount on drinks and snacks so long as you can present your card.

If you are a frequent movie goer then this will clearly save you a lot of money in the long run.


Odeon Theatres have the edge in this department. To date, there are over 120 Odeon theatres in the UK while Cineworld has roughly 80. This means you’ll have a higher chance of using your Odeon Limitless card more so than a Cineworld Unlimited card.

However, there is a slight wrinkle in this given that most areas likely to have frequent movie goers already have both theatre chains present. From here it’s just a matter of preference.

Preference indeed is going to be the third and final point to consider but that’s entirely on you. In regards to the available bonuses, the cost of membership and just how practical the membership can be, Cineworld tops Odeon but you should still consider the latter if it is your favorite theatre chain.

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