Classes versus Personal Trainers

An in-depth look at the two options for getting the most out of your workout

In a previous article, we took a look at the difference between working out alone or taking a friend. Two more options for working out involve taking a class or hiring a personal fitness trainer. Almost all gyms offer both options, but it’s a good idea to do a little research. Make sure your gym offers a class you would enjoy or certified personal trainers such as DW Fitness. In order to determine which option would benefit your gym time more, here’s a closer look at both weighing some pros and cons.


They can be fun and energetic or supremely calm and relaxing. A group of people to keep you working, an instructor at the front to lead you. Classes can include anything from dance (like Zumba and Salsa) to Yoga or Pilates. A wide variety of options allows you to find what fits your activity style and fitness goals.

You’re surrounded by like-minded individuals, and the instructor is able to help you figure out something if you get stuck or just give you advice. The workout is laid out for you, and a whole group of people are there to keep each other motivated.

There are a lot of options. It’s hard to make the best decision. Some people in the class will be more familiar with the subject, and thus will be better at it. It’s easy to compare yourself to others in the class (or even the instructor), and you have to adjust your schedule to when the class meets. If you don’t do well in a group, or if you need to set your own time, then classes are not your best option.

Personal TrainersPersonal Trainer -

All the benefits of cardio machines, free weights, and/or resistance machines; none of the guesswork. A personal trainer can help you set fitness goals, teach you the machines, and set up a workout routine. They can keep you motivated as you work through your routine or just check in every few workouts to give you progress updates and adjust things accordingly.

If you have a medical concern, they can help you find a safe alternative. Personal trainers can also direct you to healthier eating paths, and you can schedule to meet with them at a time that works for both of your schedules.

There are a lot of trainers to choose from. Practically every gym offers personal training, and then they have several trainers. It can be a difficult task to find the right one or to find one whose schedule aligns with yours. You have to be willing to listen to them; they’re experts, after all. You have to follow their instructions – that can be a monumental task for some of us.

Personal trainers don’t make working out any easier, but they take out a lot of the guesswork and help get you on the right path sooner. However, you have to find one either at your gym or who will meet you there, line up your schedules, and actually listen to what they tell you. If you don’t take instruction well, then Solo and Group workouts will be more your speed.

Whether you decide to go it alone, with a friend, in a class, with a trainer, or some combination of the options, the fact remains that there are many ways to stay fit. Don’t be afraid to dabble in each to find what works for you. It helps to have an idea of what you want to achieve; don’t be afraid to get advice. Friends and even gym staff should be more than happy to help you discover your goals and achieve them.

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