Dine Out at Home with These 3 Popular Restaurant Cookbooks

Have you ever been so impressed by a certain restaurant meal that you start to crave for them from time to time? It’s awesome if they have a location near you, but if you live a few cities away from the food you’re craving for, then you’re quite doomed.

If you happen to like food from one of the many restaurants that have released their own cookbooks, though, you can always whip up a few servings of the very menu item you’re keen to have. So, whose menus can you cook at home? Here are a few cookbook titles that will let you dine out without having to step away from your own kitchen.

The ASK Italian Cookbook: Easy to Prepare Recipes from the ASK Italian Kitchens

ASK Italian is a casual dining establishment with more than 120 locations all over the UK. It offers authentic Italian cuisine as inspired by the award-winning Italian chef Theo Randall.

The ASK Italian Cookbook was launched in 2012 as a part of the restaurant’s charity fundraising by donating a good portion of the book sales to the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. Edited by renowned food writer and Italian cuisine expert Carla Capalbo, the cookbook contains over 100 Italian recipes, including a number of the most popular dishes from the ASK Italian Menu. There are also some wine pairing tips as well as a handful of great know-hows on making fresh pasta and ravioli.

Recipes from the PizzaExpress Kitchen

PizzaExpress is a large restaurant chain from the UK, with branches in Asia. As the name suggests, they specialise in handmade pizza. They’re also quite known for the PizzaExpress Jazz Club.

The Recipes from the PizzaExpress Kitchen offers recipes for a wide range of pizza and other Italian dishes. Some of its contents are popular PizzaExpress menu items, letting you enjoy their meals made straight out of your kitchen. You’ll also find useful instructions in how to make a basic dough and other cooking techniques with this handy cookbook.

Hawksmoor at HomeHawksmoor at Home - PriceGuideLady.co.uk

Hawksmoor is a popular steakhouse, loved for its high-quality juicy beef, tasty potatoes, and knockout cocktails. Hawksmoor at Home is actually not just a cookbook that contains all of the menu items from the Hawksmoor kitchen but is also a great guide in how to cook beef with a number of cocktail recipes from their highly-acclaimed bar as well.

If you tend to crave for food from one of these places, you can easily just grab their cookbook and start grinding on your kitchen. Who knows, you might even make the dish more suitable to your taste with your own few tweaks and adjustments.

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