Dining Out and Getting Your Fill at Cosmo

When it comes to banquet-style dining in the United Kingdom, no other restaurant comes close to the cornucopia offered by a typical Cosmo restaurant.

You will find more than 300 dishes of the world’s best cuisines including but not limited to Pan-Asian dishes (e.g., Indian, Thai and Chinese), Mexican tacos, and Italian pizzas as well as mouthwatering desserts that everybody with a sweet tooth will love. You have indeed found the best possible place for world banquet dining that gourmands and gluttons alike will come back to again and again.

But before coming to your nearest Cosmo restaurant, here are the things that you should keep in mind for a truly enjoyable dining experience.

Plan Your Meal for the DayPlan Your Meal for the Day - PriceGuideLady.co.uk

With such a wide array of choices – more than 300 in several locations – you will be hard-pressed to choose which one will be your feast for the day. You may even end up combining several non-complementary cuisines that will leave a bad taste in your mouth, literally. You should then decide what world cuisine you will indulge in for the visit and head right for its buffet.

You will not only avoid wasting time, energy and effort on vacillating between several tables but you will also be able to enjoy your food for a longer time. Your choices include Japanese-inspired dishes like sushi, yakitori, and robata; Indian dishes like tandoori and curry; Italian pizzas; seafood bar; Mexican taco bar; noodle and wok bar; and the global kitchen. Your inner foodie will indeed find its match here!

Reserve Your Table

Cosmo is a highly popular chain of restaurant, which means that booking in advance is recommended. Otherwise, you may just find yourself waiting in line for a few hours, which is not a good way to start your dining experience. Fortunately, most restaurants can seat hundreds of people – 800 in a few locations – so you will likely always have a table to enjoy your meals and snacks on even on busy days and peak hours.

Most important, be sure to apply your good tableside manners and enjoy your food!

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