Domino’s And Its Passion For Innovative Services

Domino’s, the world’s largest pizza chain, continues to build its leadership status in the pizza industry through its innovative services as well as its delicious pizzas. In the United Kingdom, for example, it has experimented with deliveries to trains and bus stops in addition to its usual deliveries via phone and online orders.

BLACKPOOL CRUST STOP: DOMINO'S NOW DELIVERS TO BUSES Domino’s, the UK’s favourite pizza brand, has today announced it will start delivering to bus stops so people can enjoy a tasty bite while on the move. Off the back of its recent delivery to a hungry passenger on board a train, Domino’s is trialling the new service on the Catch 22 bus route from Mereside to Cleveley in Blackpool. Customers will now be able to order from the menu by phone whilst on board the bus and their piping hot pizza will be waiting for them as they pull into their chosen bus stop.

Started With a Train Delivery

The unconventional idea of delivering pizzas at bus stops started with a delivery made by the pizza company to a hungry passenger travelling from Sheffield to Glasgow. In April 2016, DJ Artwork was on a 5-hour trip to Glasgow but he forgot to eat his meals, much less bring along homemade food with him.

He asked his Twitter followers for help – after all, we live in a society where social media can be used for a wide range of purposes aside from connecting with family and friends – to solve his issue. One of them advised him that he should order a Domino’s pizza and have it delivered to his train.

And the rest has made company history with DJ Artwork’s ordered Hawaiin pizza delivered to the Darlington station. Fans of the pizza chain has since then called it a legendary move, even a testament to the chain’s dedication to satisfying the pizza cravings of its customers anytime, anywhere.

Bus Route Added

With the train delivery still making waves, the pizza chain apparently wanted to sustain the momentum by implementing a trial program – a new delivery service with a specific bus route chosen. According to David Woods, Domino’s Blakpool Operations Director, the company likes a challenge so after the successful train delivery, it wanted to go one step further by adding the bus delivery service.

Known as the Catch 22 Service, or simply as the 22 Service, the newest delivery service addition links Blackpool in the South Shore with the town centre as well as Claremont, Bispham and Cleveleys. Customers along the route, which covers the Blackpool & Fylde College’s Bispham campus as well as the Cleveleys shopping areas, the Clifton retail park, and the Blackpool town centre, can avail of it.

And Aaron Ryder has the distinction of being the first person to order pizza while on a bus and receiving it at a bus station. According to Ruder, he was on the way to his lunchtime work shift when the bus driver announced the 22 Service. He ordered a Might Meaty Pizza on his phone and it was ready at the designated bus stop.

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