Eat Mooncakes, Avoid Getting Moon-faced

With the popularity of mooncakes sold in Wing Wah, eating mooncakes can be a year-round affair. Mooncakes are traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival that, in 2016, falls on September 15. Aside from the year-round availability, mooncakes are also becoming increasingly harder to resist because of their ever-expanding range of flavors and textures including ice cream, tea, and spices.

The result: You are likely to get moon-faced from all that consumption of mooncakes. You want to enjoy the treat without gaining several unwanted pounds in the process. You may want to keep these healthy eating tips in mind.

Savvy Eating Starts in the ShoppingSavvy Eating Starts in the Shopping -

You will likely not eat mooncakes that aren’t in your refrigerator so your first step in healthy eating of mooncakes is to be a smart shopper. You should be careful in your choices of mooncakes to be placed in your basket.

  • Check the ingredients list.

This is true for all food products sold at supermarkets and groceries, especially canned and packaged goods. You have to check the ingredients list to ensure that, indeed, these are in accordance with your healthy diet goals. Your best choices: low-sugar and no-sugar mooncakes; no salted egg yolks to cut sodium intake; and no meats, if possible.

  • Compare the shelf life between several mooncakes

The rule of thumb: The longer the shelf life, the more likely that the mooncake contains higher amounts of sugar, transfat, and preservatives.

  • Compare the textures

Yet another rule of thumb to remember: The smoother and softer the surface of the mooncake – pass your finger on the smooth side – the more likely that it has higher fat content.

When you have these tips in mind, you will probably get the healthy options in mooncakes instead of being tempted by the delicious-sounding descriptions and appearances.

Smart Eating Continues

As with any food, you have to exercise self-discipline in portion control. Eating in moderation is applicable whether you’re eating sweet mooncakes or vegetable salads, thanks to the well-accepted adage that too much of anything will be bad for your health.

If you want to eat mooncakes, you have to remember their calorie content, too. A typical full-sized mooncake has over 700 calories with many containing as much as 1,000 calories. You can eat just a fourth of a mooncake as a snack for the day and share the rest with your family.

On special occasions, such as during the Mid-Autumn Festival, the New Year, and Christmas Day, you can indulge in more mooncakes.

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