Eat Your Meat And Still Stick To Your Healthy Diet

Meat including pork, beef, and chicken are valuable sources of protein, among other crucial nutrients, but these can also be harmful to health because of their saturated fat content. Since meat with more fat content tend to be tastier than lean meat, restaurant chefs typically use cuts with higher fat content in their dishes.

Where does that leave your desire to stick to a healthy diet yet enjoy your fair share of meat every now and then as a treat? Fortunately, you can still eat meat yet stick to your healthy diet goals! Here’s a few ideas that can be applied on your next trip to Toby Carvery, one of the United Kingdom’s best sources for delicious, succulent and juicy meat dishes.

Select the Healthy Cuts

Your best weapon is the knowledge about which cuts of meat are healthy and which are not, a foundation for making the right choices both when dining out and making home-cooked meals. The lean cuts, which have lower fat content yet still have the desired succulent taste when properly prepared, include the following:

  • Chuck, sirloin, round, and tenderloin for beef
  • Loin chops, tenderloin, and leg for pork and lamb
  • White meat from the breast without the skin for chicken

You should look for these cuts of meat when in a carvery. If you are in doubt, you can always ask the servers and chefs at the buffet table since they can point out these healthier cuts of meat.

Eat in ModerationEat in Moderation -

Even when you have chosen the lean cuts of meat, you should eat these food items in moderation. You can limit yourself to a thin cuts, for example, for every visit to the carvery, perhaps even share a large pork chop with your fellow diner. You must exercise discipline in food consumption so that you can still have your meat and eat it, too.

If the restaurant also offers fish and seafood dishes, you may want to consider ordering more of these dishes and less of the meat. You may also combine the two so as to enjoy a fuller meal. You should add vegetables for the sides and fruits for desserts while you’re at it.

Nobody said that you have to deprive yourself of meat including beef, pork and poultry but you should also be mindful that anything in excess will be unhealthy. Your dedication to eating healthy will result in a healthier and longer life, which means more opportunities to indulge in your gourmand tendencies.

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