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The choice of theatre also plays a good part in having a nice evening out to the movies. Most people only really pay attention to the film they’re seeing and what time they have to be at the theatre, but some people also choose the venue where to catch a screening carefully. In London, the Empire Cinema one of the best choices for such activities.


Originally known as the Empire Theatre when it first opened in 1884, the Empire Cinema traces its roots more than a century ago to Leicester Square where it first served as a West End variety theatre. The first venue was designed by the acclaimed architect Thomas Verity.

Empire Cinema got its current name when it formed in 2005 as the Empire Cinema Limited. The company acquired the cinemas divested from Cineworld and Odeon Cinemas after the the Office of Fair Trading required Odeon and Cineworld to unload 17 cinemas from their chains. Empire Cinema acquired the lot and rebranded them as Empire Cinemas.

What They are Famous For

Aside from showing the latest blockbuster hits on their big screens, there are a few more things that the Empire Cinema is known for. Some of these are the following:

  1. A bi-monthly magazine called Escape.

In partnership with the Showcase cinema chain, the Empire Cinema is also a co-creator of the bi-monthly film-centric magazine known as Escape. This publication features film reviews, celebrity interviews, and even competitions. Available to customers for free, you can find these magazines in Empire Cinema and Showcase locations.

  1. Loads of great deals and discounts.

Like other cinemas in the UK, you can expect to find numerous ways to save money the next time you wish to see a movie. Empire Cinema offers a good number of ways to help you cut costs.

  1. Regular activities for film buffs at select locations.

True to their passion for the film industry, Empire Cinema also has a wide array of regular events and fun activities for guests and moviegoers. Some of the most popular ones include:why-choose-empire-cinema-priceguidelady-co-ukEmpire Seniors feature the best classic and recent films on a selected morning schedule. Tea or coffee can even be served before the screening, so you get the most out of your early day.

  • Saverday Tuesday lets you enjoy the ongoing screenings for much less. It’s a nice way to catch a film or two without breaking the bank.
  • Last Chance Thursdays will let you see the last run of the film that’s currently screening at a lower price. With such a great deal, you don’t have to miss the movie you’ve been wanting to see before the theatres stop screening them.
  • Empire Juniors offer family deals that will let you pay as low as £1.25 per person for the whole family on weekend mornings. You can enjoy classic and recently released family friendly films, letting you enjoy a good bonding time at the movies with your little ones.
  • Empire Parent and Baby is a special schedule for parents who want to catch a new film with their little ones in tow without worrying about disturbing other viewers. Scheduled on Monday mornings, it provides a nice time for parents who just want to kick back and enjoy a new movie with their wee one.

Why Choose Empire Cinema

With several locations and a lot of great offers, the Empire Cinema should definitely become your go-to theatre whether you’re a film buff or not.

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