Enjoy Independent Movies, Too!

One of the best things about the contemporary cinema industry is the wide range of movies that can be enjoyed. You have dozens of choices in both mainstream and arthouse (i.e., independent) movies, both of which can be enjoyed to the hilt. You should widen your cinema horizons by watching more arthouse films at theaters like Showcase.

You may be unable to appreciate the beauty of arthouse films on your first try because of their significant differences with mainstream movies. But don’t let that deter you from watching another arthouse movie or from watching the same movie again.

The beauty of cinema lies in the opportunity to watch the films over and over again until you finally get it – or perhaps not, as is the case with many mainstream movies that flopped at the box-office.

Watch It First, Understand It Later

When you force yourself to understand every nuance of the characters and the plot, you will not enjoy the film for many reasons. You will be so focused on understanding it and, in the process, skipping on its overall beauty. You must first watch the film, let it unfold before your eyes, and set aside your need to understand it from beginning till end.

When the credits are rolling on the screen, you can then think about the message and impact of the film, whether on your life or on society. You must also remember that arthouse films are not made in the mold of mainstream media in the sense that the former needn’t have complicated plots and characters.

Many arthouse films will make its audience question their own existence, motives and motivations, even touch their hearts and stimulate their minds – truly, a hallmark of great movies, arthouse or mainstream.

Endings or No Endings, Enjoy ThemEndings or No Endings, Enjoy Them - PriceGuideLady.co.uk

Mainstream movies usually have endings to them, perhaps the prince riding off into the sunset with the princess or the heroes defeating the evil villains. This is true even for movies with expected sequels, such as The Avengers series, although there will be cliffhangers.

Arthouse movies are different in the sense that there may or may not be endings. You will find that there may be not plots at all! You can then make your own conclusions about the characters, if you want, but you shouldn’t just dismiss it as garbage since arthouse movies aren’t exactly the works of amateurs.

And when you have your fill of arthouse movies, you can switch to mainstream movies. Life, after all, is about variety.

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