Enjoying Breakfast with Gorillas at Bristol Zoo

Do you want an unusual yet enjoyable start to your day? You can enjoy a breakfast meeting, in a manner of speaking, with Jock and his clan at the Bristol Zoo!

Overnight Stay

You need not even have to travel from your home to the zoo in the early morning hours either. You will stay in The Lodge, the zoo’s relatively luxurious accommodations within the grounds, overnight for a reasonable fee. You will then be able to enjoy your breakfast meeting before the public arrives and the zoo officially opens for the day.

After the zoo has closed its doors to the public the night before your breakfast appointment, you will be taken around the zoo by a zookeeper. You will have one-on-one encounters – safe, of course, since you have to keep your distance – with all of the animals from the small insects to the big cats.

In the morning after you have had your fill of sleep, you will be woken by a staff member’s knock on your door. You will be escorted to the gorilla enclosure where everybody’s up and about – the zookeepers are busy with the indoor clean-up while the gorillas are already outside for their morning meal.

Delicious Bush-tuckerDelicious Bush-tucker - PriceGuideLady.co.uk

You will be served your own bush-tucker of the classic British breakfast of sausage, bacon roll, and egg, all of which are cooked to perfection. Your companion for your breakfast: Jock, a large gorilla who heads his own clan of about six or so individuals.

You need not worry about the gorillas ruining your breakfast, perhaps even your face, since the thick glass walls of a series of tunnels separate the animals from the humans. Under ordinary circumstances, especially in the wild, you will be unable to stare into the eyes of a gorilla without being charged since it’s a sign of aggression.

Think about it: Even as you dig into your breakfast, Jock the 32-stone gorilla tucks into his own breakfast of leaves – and both of you actually use your hands in a similar manner!

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