Enjoying Wagamama and Its Ramen Bar Like a Pro

Undoubtedly, Wagamama is one of the best places for ramen in the United Kingdom, mainly because it’s like stepping into a ramen place in Japan yet still have the quintessential British service. But before stepping into one of its restaurants, here are a few things to keep in mind to blend in, so to speak, with the pros of ramen shops.

Eat and Enjoy

Unlike in Japan’s ramen shops, you can actually enjoy a great meal with your family and friends in Wagamama’s restaurants, perhaps even take a date. You need not adopt the eat-and-leave concept in the Japanese-inspired restaurant since you can linger over your meal. You must, however, eat your bowl of ramen while it’s still hot or else it will lose its savory flavor.

Yet another difference between a Wagamama ramen restaurant and a Japanese ramen establishment is the seating arrangement. In the former, you can request to be seated in a single table with your group but in the latter, this will likely not be possible most of the time. Why? A Japanese ramen restaurant will usually be manic so you have to sit at whatever stool is available or risk standing in line for hours.

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This is where the Wagamama ramen restaurants and Japanese ramen stands are similar. Keep these things in mind when ordering and eating your ramen:

  • Choose your broth well because it is the foundation of a good ramen. The best broths will actually take days to prepare and the chefs train for several months just to make it! The basic broths include shoyu, tonkotsu, shio, and miso, among others.
  • Select your noodles. You have so many choices from thick to thin, straight to ribbon-like, and short to long, all of which are made from 4 basic ingredients – wheat flour, water, salt, and kansui.
  • Choose your toppings. You can have a party with the toppings including chashu, narutomaki, negi, ajitsuke tamago, and shinachiku.

With your ramen on hand, you can start eating it! Begin by tasting the noodles, slurping the broth, and eating the toppings, sometimes in one gulp.

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