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In the hustle and bustle of life in the city, you will want to enjoy the flavors of the islands – the Caribbean islands, to be exact. Your cravings will not just be for the food and drinks of the tropical paradise but also for the fun and funky vibe of the islands.

But you shouldn’t settle for just about any Caribbean-themed restaurant. Your best choices for delicious Caribbean food are these restaurants, all of which are accessible in London.

Rum Kitchen

The Rum Kitchen delivers on its name, thanks to over a dozen types of rum on hand. You can start and end your meals with a couple of these rum-based drinks although moderation is always a must. You don’t want to stumble out of the restaurant like a drunk in the middle of the day.

The Caribbean vibe starts at the door with blue and white faux beach hut planks as well as mismatched tiles and patches of corrugated metal lining the walls. Knick-knacks also hang from the ceiling, which complements the bar-style seating and large communal tables for a casual and buzzy ambiance.

Of course, the food and drinks are the main draws of Rum Kitchen. Start with the cocktails, which come in several combos with rum as their main ingredient – Mama’s Guinness Punch with over-proof rum, Guinness and condensed milk with chocolate bitters, spices, and ice; Navy-style grog with ginger beer, lime and rum; and classic mojito and daiquiris.

You should order the signature jerk chicken thighs, which are meaty, tender, and moist with a crispy skin; BBQ ribs with spicy sauce; and fish soup. Your dessert can be chocolate pudding or sticky ginger cake – or just a few more shots of a rum-infused drink.

Jerk Hutjerk-hut-priceguidelady-co-uk

If you’re looking for classic Caribbean dishes with a rum bar, then the Jerk Hut is a great place to be. You will even find the jazz and reggae soundtrack to be the icing on the cake because it adds to the island vibe.

As soon as you enter the door, you will be salivating at the delicious smells from the buffet, perhaps even from the kitchen. Everything on the buffet table looked like authentic Caribbean food and, once tasted, were actually the real deal. Your choices include rice and beans, BBQ chicken, and plantains, as well as ox tail, jerk wings, and curry chicken, even mac ‘n cheese with spices.

Indeed, there’s no reason to fly out of the country for Caribbean food because London has them all!

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