Find Out What Animals Chester Zoo Has To Offer

A trip to the zoo offers both an escape from society and a chance to connect with nature. It can be a solo trip or a trip with loved ones, either way you will not regret the decision to commune with nature. Why not try a trip to Chester Zoo?

This zoo is considered the best zoo in the United Kingdoms, and the seventh best zoo in the whole world. That should already have you interested. This zoo has a strong conservation streak, and its exhibits are very creative in a bid to promote awareness about the animals and their plights. So you get to lose yourself in nature, while aiding in the conservation of the creatures habitat.

Asian Elephants

The Chester zoo was the first zoo in the United Kingdoms to attempt and pull off the breeding of Asian Elephants in captivity. The Asian elephant heard is composed of seven elephants, two males and five females. The Asian elephants live in a breeding facility designed after the Assam rainforest found in India, and it houses other animals like the green peafowl, azure-winged magpies, Derbyan parakeets and monitor lizards.


Jaguars exhibit grace, strength and ferocity packed into one lithe form. The Sprit of the Jaguar exhibition lets you observe three jaguars, two of which are spotted, and one which is black. The attraction has four section, two are indoors and are designed to simulate a rainforest and dry savannah environment, and the o
ther two are outdoors and contain rivers and pools for the jaguars to swim in.

Tsavo Rhinos

The Tsavo is Kenya is a large national park, with a large population of black rhinoceros. The Tsavo rhino experience has 8 rhinos in its breeding program.

Monkeys - PriceGuideLady.comMonkeys

The monkey islands is an exhibition that lets visitors see 4 species of monkeys in separate enclosures. The species of monkey are: Celebes crested macaques, Mandrils, Colombian black spider monkeys, and Lion-tailed macaques.


Bears of the cloud forest is an exhibit that houses two spectacled bears. The exhibit mimics the bears’ natural habitat, and it also houses ring-tailed coatis.


The Secret world of the Okapi is an exhibition that contains two okapis. There are an adult pair of okapi, with a female calf born in 2012. The exhibit includes other animals like: Gaboon vipers, red duikers and Mount Kulal spiny mice.

Komodo Dragons

Dragons in danger is a home to the zoo’s Komodo dragons, which came from the Lesser Sunda Islands. The exhibit is also home to Caribbean iguanas.


The Chimpanzee Breeding Centre contains over 25 common chimpanzees. The center was opened by Princess Diana in 1989, and is a conical enclosure, and also has an island with a moat.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to visit a zoo that was named of the 15 best zoos in the world by Forbes magazine. Buy yourself a ticket to Chester Zoo and enjoy the exhibits.


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