Friendships Are Made in DW Fitness

You will likely make the acquaintance of many types of people while in a DW Fitness gym, almost everybody from the fitness fanatic and professional bodybuilder to the couch potato and ordinary mortals seeking ways to achieve a fitter body. But the question is: How can you turn a passing acquaintance into a deeper friendship, perhaps even into a romantic relationship?

Start a Pre-class Conversation

Be sure to start a conversation before you and your gym acquaintance start on your fitness classes or weigh training workout. The reasons are obvious: You and other person will be too engaged in the performance of the movements – in the zone, so to speak – to be able to carry out a sensible conversation. Keep these tips in mind, too:

  • Ask open-ended questions that can lead to other questions. Examples include, “What other classes have you tried here?” “How did you find the last session” “What do you like about the class, the gym, or the personal trainer?”
  • Avoid starting a conversation in the shower or locker as people are more likely to be engaged in private matters. Your best bets are while lining up at the water cooler and waiting for the class to start.

Make a Mid-workout Connection

Of course, you should not launch into a discussion about proper form and technique, among other topics, to make a mid-workout connection. Even a big smile ay your fellow gym-goer during a brutal squat set, or shared laughter when missing a step in Zumba, or giving a thumbs up sign are all great ways to connect without words.

Talk After a WorkoutTalk After a Workout -

Once you have made a connection before and during a workout, you will find it easier to talk after a workout. You should ideally offer a little piece of information about yourself as an encouragement for the other person to open up, so to speak. You can, for example, tell him/her that you are finding your footing after a few weeks on vacation.

Just be sure to keep your initial conversations short without being rude about it. Slowly but surely is usually a good way to start meaningful friendships.


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