Hair Color Trends for Fall 2015

Fall is here. Are you ready for a change? Greet the new season with a new hair color. There are lots of colors to choose from. Here are the hair color trends for fall 2015:

  • Coppery Red – Red shades are in this season because they give a warm feel to the cold season. They also match the colors of the beautiful autumn leaves. If you have a warm or dark skin tone like Rihanna or Eva Mendes, this hair color is perfect for you. It can compliment your skin tone and give you a confident, sexy look.
  • Bronde – This is a combination of blond and brunette. It has been popular during summer and continues to gain more attention this fall. If you are naturally a blonde or a brunette, this color combination can help you win the blonde versus brunette battle. You can opt to evenly mix the colors or choose a more dominant one. Super model Cara Delevingne beautifully sports this color combination with a blend of light brown and buttery blond shades.

Bronde -

  • Platinum Blonde – Years ago, this elfish version of blonde hair can only be seen in movies and runways. Thanks to the reality TV star Kim Kardashian, who confidently wears this hair color, it has become a new trend. She changed her hair from pitch black to a very light platinum blonde. The color change has been really popular, some fans even made memes out of it. Today, you may see more women on the streets who have tried this color.
  • Blonde with Pastel Accents – If you are a natural blonde and you want to bring more life to your pale hair, you can choose to have pastel highlights like strawberry pink or scuba blue. These colors are trending both in the fashion and interior design world. They can add warmth and a playful vibe to your look.
  • Brunette with Metallic Accents – If you are a natural brunette, you can twist things a little bit by adding metallic or bright accents to your hair. Gold is a perfect combination for brunette. You can also choose metallic red for a sexier look.
  • Chocolate Brown – This rich brown color is the nearest to the natural brunette tone. If you want to have a brunette look you may choose this tone compared to other brown shades. Actresses like Emilia Clarke and Lily James are beautiful in this hair color although they normally portray blonde characters in their shows.
  • Full Highlights – This color trend can give your hair a polished and even look. If you want your stylist to copy this look you can show her a picture of celebrity Olivia Palermo.

Most of the color trends this season are warm and rich colors. There are meant to contrast the cold days ahead. If you want to find a hair color fits you, you may ask the stylists from your favorite salons like Headmasters for an advice. They can help you find a hair color that matches your style.

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