Headmasters Salon Enjoys Awards and Accolades in the Hairstyling Industry

Joanna Lumley was chosen as the host for the Headmasters Awards 2015. The award show recognizes the creative and business achievements of Headmasters employees.

The UK hair salon chain, which has been in business since the early eighties, applauded the hosting efforts of Lumley.

In her welcome speech, she told the audience:

“Long before most of you were born, I was a fashion model. I spent my life in hair salons. Then I became Purdy and hairdressers loved me because of all the cuts I inspired. And then I was Patsy – darling – and I used more hairspray than of you. I love hairdressers!”

British actress Lumley has starred in Absolutely Fabulous as Patsy Stone, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Trail of the Pink Panther and James and the Giant Peach.

John Sanders, the managing director of Headmasters, also made an appearance on stage. Sanders appeared before the audience of about 1,000 people to congratulate the salon brand’s employees for their long list of achievements during the course of the year. One of the highlights of the staff’s accomplishments includes an increase of client visits to the salons, resulting in 100,000 additional new customers when compared to salon visits in 2013. Another big milestone was the salon’s rating of Grade 2 level from a recent OFSTED inspection for education.

LOreal Colour Trophy - PriceGuideLady.co.ukThe achievements did not stop there. Another success to be proud of is the company winning L’Oreal Colour trophies under the categories “Mizani Afro Look” and also “People Choice” and “HJ’s Afro Stylist of the Year.”

The talented L’Oreal Colour Trophy 2015 regional finalists from the salon’s list of employees took home plenty of other accolades from the L’Oreal Colour Trophy award’s 60th anniversary this year. Entries that exceeded the 900 count were judged by many of the salon industry’s leading personalities.

The finalists under the category “Men’s Image” include Oliver Blackaby from Brighton, Sean Thomas from Weybridge, Stephen McManus and Harps Bhogal from Putney Academy and Charlotte Pullen from Sutton Academy.

Under the L’Oreal Colour Trophy “Young Colourist” category, the finalists from the company are Connor Scanlon from Ham and Sian Quinn from Soho.

Meanwhile, under the “Women’s Image” category, the proud finalists are Gareth Williams from Mayfair, Francesca Clarke from Bromley, Ian Tucker and Naomi Cotter from Ham Academy, Alfie Pfeffer from Putney Academy, and Hugo Ratzel and Suzanne Alphonse, both from Brighton.

The L’Oreal Colour Trophy accomplishment is a big win for Headmasters Salon because the awards produces a series of reputable events that aim to highlight the strong and mutually beneficial partnership between L’Oreal Proffessionel and the hairdressing industry in the United Kingdom. The contest opens its doors to some of the most promising talents and biggest names in the industry. Hairstyling icons either join as entrants or act as judges and creative show presenters.

Prizes were then awarded at the Headmasters Awards 2015. Seven awards were given for business accomplishments. These were selected based on in-salon performance. For creative work, eight awards for doled out and these were judged independently by celebrity hairstylists and head of creative at Andreas Stavrou, along with Guy Kremer.

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