Help for the Clueless: Dining at Yo Sushi


In the United Kingdom, the popularity of Japanese-inspired dishes particularly sushi is on the rise – and the numbers can prove it with the sushi market valued at nearly £39 million pounds per year. Yo Sushi outlets are among the most popular destinations for the fish delicacy with over 65 outlets across the country.

But the question remains: Are you eating sushi the right way? Your first dining experiences may have been unpleasant, to say the least, because you were clueless about the proper way to enjoy sushi.

Use Your HandsUse Your Hands  -

But only when you are digging into cut sushi rolls, which you can eat with your hands. You can be excused from not using the chopsticks if you have yet to master their use. You will be able to enjoy your cut sushi without dropping them on the floor, which will be more embarrassing in the first place.

Eat in a Single Bite

You will be considered rude if and when you eat cut sushi in two bites for a single roll. The chef spent considerable time and effort into making the sushi perfect so eating it in two bites is an insult to his skills. If the cut sushi is too big to eat in one go, perhaps you can ask the chef to make adjustments in the size.

No Ginger with the Sushi

Yet another rude habit is combining ginger and sushi in a single bite. This is because biting into ginger will cleanse the palate in preparation for the next dish and, thus, it is rude to combine the two as it signifies that the sushi was not well-prepared.

Soy Sauce Matters

The use of soy sauce is a world unto its own:

  • Avoid dipping the sushi into the soy sauce too much.
  • Dip into the soy sauce when eating nigiri but dip only the fish side, not the rice, and don’t shake off the soy sauce after dipping

And remember – practice makes perfect so eat your fill of sushi as many times as your doctor allows!

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