Highly Recommended London Coffee Shops for Freelancers

Many coffee shops are increasingly being frequented by freelancers as their sort of satellite office. Even TayBarns is not exempted. If you belong to this category, you would probably welcome any information that will show where the city’s best coffee shop are located. Here are some of those shops that you need to check out. So here they are:

TimberYard Seven Dials

This coffee shop is a trendy place where you can do all your work. If you are a freelance writer, this place will inspire you to write because of its hipster vibes. Their latte foam is really amazing. This place was given a 5-star rating, which is a rare feat. Their coffee is called Jaberwocky, a grade-A blend. There are plenty of outlets and the place has a basement meeting room which you can use if you’re in a group.

Love Shake

You will love this coffee shop because it offers unlimited coffee refills. Aside from excellent tasting coffee, they also offer nachos, crisps, peanut butter and banana milkshakes. The place also offers free Wi-Fi until 2:30 in the morning, giving you enough time to finish your work. Just don’t be disturbed by the many retro artworks pasted on the walls.

Forge & Co

This is a good place for brunch after a long night out. They offer Bubble and Squeak a certain food that is uniquely British. On the second floor is a completely different setting which is actually a communal work space.

Forge & Co is both a coffee shop/restaurant and a place where there are office spaces and resident desks. For a fee of about £450 a month, you can get your own desk, and Skype booth. You will be given access to members-only lectures, meeting rooms and be able to print and copy your documents with the place’s printing facilities.

Riding House Cafe - PriceGuideLady.co.ukRiding House Cafe

This café is a hideaway for people who want to steer clear of the hustle and bustle of the Oxford Circus. It has an atmosphere that is considerably better than any coffee shop in the area. You can take a seat at the communal table located at the middle of the joint or the bar.

This place offers a decent English breakfast. You can also order a smoothie while working. After doing your work, you can take a cocktail, to free your nerves from the toil you’ve done all day.

Southbank Centre

This coffee shop is not only a place to treat your friends for a good dinner, but also a functional workplace. It has four floors complete with couches and tables. There are numerous outlets on each floor as well. Although the Wi-Fi is sometimes spotty, you will have a relaxing work day because of the spacious seating the place offers.


This place offers great coffee and good food. You will know this if you visit the place at lunch. You are lucky if you find a vacant table. This place offers excellent Mediterranean food. But the area downstairs is the place where you can do all your work. It is a bit far from the chatting customers on the first floor. With free Wi-Fi, good food and great tasting coffee, you can stay there all day.

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