Luxurious Movie Theaters in Britain

Several years ago, going to movie theaters is a cheap alternative for expensive restaurant dates. However, the price of movie tickets has quickly increased over the years. In fact, according to studies, London cinemas are the most expensive in the world. The ticket for some of its venues can be as high as £20.

So why do people still go to movie theaters despite the price increase? It is necessary to know what these luxurious move theaters offer in order to understand why they still continue to attract customers. There are many high end cinemas in Britain, each of them have unique features. Here are our Top 6 picks:

  1. Everyman Cinemas – This cinema has double sofas and unbeatable leg room. It also occasionally shows live theater performances and operas. The waiters serve food. Just a little warning, popcorns are not allowed in here.
  2. British Film Institute – This cinema shows both commercial and educational films. It also offers movie archives, previews and talks as well as special screenings. From top Hollywood films, to Disney movies, to LGBT independent films, BFI offers both entertaining and educational movie experience.
  3. The Lounge – From its fine dining menu to its soft, fully reclining leather seats, this Odeon cinema is truly luxurious. You can enjoy your movies without being distracted by the waiters or other viewers because tables are sound proof. The food offered here includes finger food and sliders like onion rings and kebabs. They also have desserts like coffee pudding and chocolate cake. Viewer can also choose different drinks like wine, cocktails, champagne, beer and soft drinks.
  4. Electric Cinema – If you are looking for the most comfortable cinema in Britain, Electric Cinema is definitely the answer. You can choose to seat on its leather chairs, relax on its sofa, or lie down on its double beds. The cinema even provides cashmere blankets to keep you warm while watching.
  5. Curzon Cinemas – The high standards of this cinema can easily be seen as you enter the place. They offer champagnes, cocktails, and cakes. You also have the opportunity to join a question and answer forum after the screenings.
  6. Roxy Bar and Screen – This is South London’s finest bar and cinema. It shows cult genre movies in a very casual and homely setting. They offer high quality comfort foods and a wide variety of drinks. This cinema if for the hipsters.

Electric Cinema -

As you can see most of these theaters offer food and drinks. According to studies, most of these cinemas get their profits from the food and cocktails that viewers buy, not really from the ticket price. These means that aside from watching a movie, going to movie theaters is actually a way for some people to relax and have a drink.

In the end we can see that though these cinemas are expensive, they can take your movie watching experience to a whole new level. If you have the means, try these cinemas and experience a different type of luxury if not, the normal cinemas such as Odeon or Vue Cinema would serve the purpose.

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