Make a Trip to the Vue Theatre with Kids a Treat

When it comes to kids, you have to plan for a trip to the Vue Theater in the same way that you plan for outings to restaurants and amusement parks. You have to plan carefully since an enjoyable treat can easily and quickly turn into a total disaster.

#1 Ensure the Kids Are ReadyEnsure the Kids Are Ready -

Since each child is an individual, you as the parent have to determine whether your child is actually ready for the movies or not. Keep in mind that your child will view movies at home and movies in a theatre in a different light, either positively or negatively.

You can talk to him about the dark environment, large space, and crowd as well as the food and drinks, facilities and services in a movie theater. You are basically setting realistic expectations about a trip to the movies. You should also use your child’s concerns about it as your gauge of his readiness.

Many kids see their first movies at 4 or 5 years of age but many children will also want to wait until they have overcome their fear of the dark, loud noises, and confined spaces.

#2 Make Them Part of the Planning

When your kids are part of the planning process, you will likely have excited kids who will behave as expected while in the theatre. You can ask them in choosing the:

  • Movie – You must obviously choose a kid-friendly movie including animated films, such as Finding Dory, which will hold their interest.
  • Time and day – You can make the trip as a birthday treat, for example, so that the children will have something new to look forward to. You should also take into account their feeding and sleeping schedule so as to avoid kids demanding their home-cooked food or their beds at home.
  • Food and drinks – You should ideally steer clear of the sweets since a sugar high and crash are not exactly a walk in the park.

And when you are inside the theatre, just go with the flow. You will not be the first parent to exit it before the film ends for one reason or another.

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