Most Affordable UK Gyms

Staying healthy and fit is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a great deal of discipline to maintain the ideal weight and body. Not to mention that it also involves proper dieting and a regular workout regimen.

Exercising can be done in a number of different places and ways, but many people prefer to work out in a gym because of the facilities and experts available. Although this does not come cheap, there are some gyms that offer affordable options.

  1. Pure Gym– Not looking to sign up for a membership? This chain of gyms has a pay-as-you-go scheme that allows you to exercise and pay for each session. It also offers a fixed term rate for regulars. Each branch offers clients complete equipment, a variety of fitness classes and advSpinning - from professionals.
  2. Central YMCA– If you are in the West end of Central London, this is an affordable workout spot to checkout. It offers low membership rates that provide access to a 25 meter pool, completely equipped Pilates gym, cardio theater and access to different exercise activities like boxing and belly dancing.
  3. The Gym– Another pay-as-you-go gym, this chain has more than 60 branches across the country. Day passes are offered for about £5, but those looking to get a lower rate can go through a gym broker. All branches are fully provided with what is needed for a complete workout. It is also known to have high quality equipment.
  4. Fitness First– This large gym franchise that has branches not just throughout the UK, but around the world too. Although they may offer a more expensive price, it is possible to get a free trial before actually signing up with them. Registering online will get you a free voucher that may be used at certain locations. This is often good for 3 days of free workouts.
  5. EasyGym– Another option for pay-as-you-go workouts, this is a smaller chain of fitness centers with locations in Southampton, Cardiff, London and Birmingham. The bright orange workout centers are spacious and supplied with high quality gym equipment. Monthly fees are as low as £9.99 or £7 for a day pass.
  6. Exercise4Less– A quick growing chain of affordable gyms, this has branches mostly in the North side of England such as Leeds, Wigan and Wakefield. The budget gym offers quality facilities at only £9.99 per month. They have more than 400 different pieces of workout equipment and 40 different classes to choose from. They also offer a 1 day free trial Try B4 You Buy promo.
  7. Nuffield Health– With more than 70 different fitness and health locations across the country this is an ideal choice for those who travel a lot. They offer basic classes such as Zumba, Pilates, Spinning and Bodybalance. They also offer services for swimming lessons, personal training, weight programs, beauty services and nutritional therapy among other things. A free one day trial can be received when signing up.

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