Most Amazing Animals at the Chester Zoo

If you’re planning to go around the UK then it is a good choice to drop by the Chester Zoo, home to some of the most spectacular animals on the planet.

The zoo is home to well over 20,000 animals but here is a look at the top five that truly stand out and make people come back year after year to get another glimpse.

Sumatran Tigers

There are only a few hundred of these big cats left in the world but the Chester Zoo recently saw their two adult tigers, Kirani and Fabi, welcome three new cubs: Kasarna, Topan and Jaya.

Sumatran tigers are well known for their smaller size which gives them an advantage in creeping in the grass to pounce on their prey. There’s nothing like walking up to a powerful tiger and the Sumatran tigers are definitely worth a visit.


The Chester Zoo is home to the lilac-breasted roller, a type of bird that likes to show off from time to time. The males tend to do some very exciting acrobatic tricks, doing all sorts of loops and twists in the air.

They often do this during mating season and the tricks are their methods of impressing the ladies.

Meerkats -

The zoo also has its band of meerkats, which are very curious and quite social animals. They always have a few guards on the lookout and these guards will even keep an eye on the zoo visitors as the rest of the meerkats go about their business playing or communicating with each other.

Meerkats really saw their popularity rise during the mid-1990s when “The Lion King” movie came out since one of the characters, Timon, was a meerkat.


Everyone that visits the zoo should spend some time meeting the clownfish. Made popular by Disney-Pixar’s movie “Finding Nemo,” clownfish are known for their tendency to allow guests to take photographs of them.

The clownfish in Chester Zoo live in a small group, continually maintaining their good relationship with the anemone.


The zoo is home to several chimpanzees and these are truly some of the most amazing animals on the planet. Their level of communication is a good indication of how man’s ancestors once spoke to each other and these animals also exhibit the interest in playing and showing off for no reason but to have fun.

There are other attractions in the zoo, especially when you stop to consider how many animals there are at the Chester Zoo, but these are some of the main attractions you’ll definitely want to spend time with. The big cats, chimpanzees and meerkats are particularly popular with children.

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