Must See Exhibits at the Colchester Zoo

Heading to the Colchester Zoo sometime this year? If you are then you may want to plan ahead as there are a lot of animal exhibits for you to witness.

A single day may not be enough but if you can only limit yourself to a single day or even just a few hours then here’s a quick list of the must-see exhibits that are guaranteed to be worth your time.

Walking Giants

As the name implies, you’ll be walking into a section of the gardens solely dedicated to the larger animals of the zoo. In particular, you’ll be greeted by three of the world’s four largest tortoises.

You’ll encounter the largest African spurred tortoise, the largest Aldabra giant tortoise and the largest Burmese mountain tortoise.

Dragons of Komodo

Komodo dragons are feared and awed for good reason. These are known as the largest monitor lizards in the world and they truly live up to their name.

Komodo dragons are powerful enough to take down a full-grown human. This exhibit is designed to replicate their nature habitat and it even has a glass roof that can be drawn back in order to let sunlight in.

Lion Rock

Does that name make you think of “The Lion King” and its big rocky platform where cubs are raised to the awe of the animal kingdom?

Lion Rock is very similar and it is home to three African lions. Lions aren’t the only residents, however, as the indoor area is home to fennec foxes as well as several Asia Minor spiny mice.

Suricata Sands

Meerkats are always a treat to visit and the Suricata Sands exhibit of the Colchester Zoo has a group of thirteen meerkats. This includes the main breeding pair, named Robin and Pippa. Similar to small monkeys, meerkats are very friendly and curious which makes them perfect for kids.

You’ll also notice that meerkats tend to have their own “guards,” meerkats who separate themselves from the group to lookout for danger.

Wallaby Walkabout - Walkabout

Not every amazing exhibit needs to be about dangerous lions and tigers. This exhibit offers visitors the opportunity to interact with a band of Bennett’s wallabies, also known as the red-necked wallaby.

They can be friendly but during mating season these relatives of the kangaroo are known to fight each other as part of their mating ritual.

There are a lot of other exhibits that guarantee a good time at the Colchester Zoo but these are the ones that you shouldn’t miss, especially if you only have a single day to spend.

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