Occasions When Drinking in the Morning Is Acceptable

Midday is viewed as the earliest appropriate time to order alcoholic drinks at cocktail lounges and pubs like Dirty Martini. Drinking in the morning before noon just seems so inappropriate regardless of the reason, especially when the day’s activities involve sobriety like operating machinery.

Fortunately, there are days when drinking in the morning is acceptable, perhaps even encouraged by society. Just remember that the permission to drink doesn’t equal to the license to engage in drunken behavior for the day and well into the days after.

Christmas Day

In the United Kingdom, you can overlook the etiquette about drinking at midday on Christmas Day morning. You can have your first drink of the day – perhaps, a continuation of your drinking spree the night before – while the presents are being opened.

You can even have your first glass of champagne while preparing lunch, if that’s up your alley, and then continue while listening to the Queen’s Speech.

Brunch with Boozebrunch-with-booze-priceguidelady-co-uk

If you are a fan of the uber-popular sitcom, Sex and the City, you have probably picked a few booze-related habits. You can have pre-noon drinks with your brunch, which has become acceptable among the British after picking it up from the Americans.

You will want to experiment with the types of pre-noon or early-morning cocktails with their food pairings, such as Bloody Marys, Prosecco, and mimosas with your poached eggs, Sunday roast, and sausage – and make the drinks bottomless while you’re at it.

Bavarian Breakfast

Yet another reason to enjoy alcoholic drinks before noon is Frühschoppen, a German tradition that requires enjoying the combo of wheat beer and sausage on Sundays and holidays.

You can eat as many sausages and drink as many beers as your stomach can hold, all while using Frühschoppen as your excuse for excess. Better yet, you can follow President Obama’s example – drink a non-alcoholic beer with your sausage so as to enjoy the rest of the day without a hangover and the like.

Gammel Dansk

If you know your alcoholic drinks, you will know that Gammel Dansk isn’t an occasion – it’s a Danish liquor traditionally consumed at breakfast and morning events. You can enjoy it at almost any time, such as in the morning with your breakfast, after a hard day’s work, and during outdoor sports activities, even as an aperitif. You will even savor its thick spiced flavor profile.

Again, be sure to drink in moderation since being a drunk certainly has its disadvantages, both in the personal and professional aspects.

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