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Situated in the Glasgow Quay, the Odeon has 12 auditoria, with the ability of seating up to 431 guests, which make it an ideal place to hold your functions, be it a business or a social event. Odeon Glasgow can handle any corporate event or large wedding event. The reason for stating this is the features that this place has to offer. Let us take a look at these as we make a showcase of it to state what to look for when deciding a venue for hire in Glasgow.

If your event is a business conference, top of your list should include air-conditioning, especially if it is summers. Adequate heating is a must if you want your guests to enjoy their stay in winters. Licensed bars availability can add to your list of preferred features. This will enable you to offer drinks at your reception. Other refreshments like light snacks and a small to compact kitchen should be on your list too.

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There should be adequate support for any eventuality, like a professional team to manage the event.
Always select a venue that has a professional team on hand to take care of any eventuality. Trained events teams will ensure you have all the audiovisual equipment you need in order to keep your conference or event run smoothly.

The more the electronics features the place has, the better you are. Having advanced audio video capabilities is not just enough for the businesses of today; you could use the audio to your advantage for hosting a dance at your wedding reception. A large projection screen would be good for large weddings, so that the guests sitting far away can view larger than life images of the actual ceremony.

Adequate and safe parking facilities are a must. Your guests must feel that their cars are safe when attending your event, without having to worry about their cars being towed or get any parking fines. Valet services are great too, but not necessary. It is always good to have event handlers available on hand to direct traffic in an orderly fashion.

The furniture on hand should be comfortable for the designated event. If it is a wedding reception, the availability of chairs and circular tables should be more than enough. There should be no hard backed chairs or cramped conditions, making guests uncomfortable.
In case of a business event, the furniture should be comfortable enough for long term seating. There should be available enough electrical connections to plug in any electronics that the guests might want to use, such as for laptops, printers or even cell phones.

Availability of a wireless network for internet broadband should be a must on your list if you are holding a conference. The availability of a network is a prerequisite, as people will undoubtedly have printing requirements or would want to share files across a digital network or check or send emails.

Glasgow has its fair share of world class facilities for hosting any such types of events. Making a short list of requirements and settling them beforehand will be the difference between a great event and a mediocre one.

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