Promote Environment Friendliness With A Trip To The Zoo

Nowadays every time we turn on the news we see crazy weather across the world. Typhoons in the Philippines, heat waves in India, tsunamis in coastal areas and so much more which are a result of the changes in our climate. One of the ways that scientists are encouraging us to slow down and eventually reverse climate change is by becoming better caretakers of or environments.

If you pay attention to this you have probably started recycling, and you probably place your trash in different cans based on whether they can be recycled or not. You have probably planted numerous trees, and you even have your own back yard garden where you grow your own organic vegetables. As you do this, it is advisable to bring kids into this mentality so that they can carry it on into the future. One of the ways to achieve this is by taking them to a zoo, like the London Zoo for example.

Why The Zoo?

They Connect With Nature

The zoo is one of the few places where nature is allowed to flourish. Yes a lot of the habitats and exhibits are not native to the United Kingdom, but they are native to some part of the world that is also being affected by climate change. Going to the zoo will allow your child to connect and fall in love with nature, something that they cannot learn from recycling at home.

Zoos Make Certain Concepts Tangible

The zoo is also very fun, and it makes everything that they hear in class, read in books, watch on National Geographic so much more real and tangible. In the zoo, they realize this animals exist, and that as human beings we need to protect our environments so that the animals have ecosystems that are habitable.

Contributing To The Environment - To The Environment

Also the funds that come from ticket sales go a long way in maintaining zoos. A lot of zoos are homes to endangered species, and the money from ticket sales really help in the fight to protect these species from going extinct.

What Can They Learn From the Zoo?

The Importance of Conservation

A zoo like the Chester Zoo designs its exhibitions around the themes of conservation. A lot of the species in the zoo are endangered, and as the children go to see these attractions they learn about animals from all around the world which are on the brink of extinction because of man kind’s poor environmental choices. Reading about the okapi and seeing the okapi are two different thigs, and can prompt a profound change in a young one.

They Can Improve Their Understanding of Biology

In biology children learn about animals, their anatomy, and their behavior. The zoo is the perfect opportunity to see this happen in real time, while slowly edging them towards the importance of protecting the environment.

So next time you want to talk to your child about not throwing plastic onto the grass, you can take them to the Bristol Zoo where they can learn that and so much more.

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