Ready, Set and Go at Jimmy’s

You will find more than a hundred dishes from several international cuisines including British, American, Italian, Indian, and Mexican on the buffet counters and live cooking stations of a Jimmy’s World Grill & Bar restaurant. But with such a wide variety of dishes and desserts available, your buffet experience may be less enjoyable for several reasons. You may, for example, regret not leaving room for dessert or not getting more dishes from another cuisine.

Fortunately, you can always come back to your favourite Jimmy’s restaurant and be readier to enjoy the buffet experience more. You just have to remember these tips to do so.


You have to plan an attack strategy since buffets can be akin to battles with your appetite for food and your better judgment to eat in moderation. You have to keep in mind that you can’t eat all of the dishes in a single sitting even when you want to – your stomach has its limits. Your best attack strategy should include:

  • Come to the restaurant relatively hungry but with a mindset of eating in moderation to avoid immediate health problems related to gluttony.
  • Scout all of the food sections and live cooking stations first.
  • Focus on your favourite cuisine and its dishes as well as on food items that you can’t normally have on a daily basis.

You may want to add a new item to expand your culinary repertoire but stick to small portions at first.


Group Of Young Friends Enjoying Meal In Outdoor Restaurant

You will then line up in front of your chosen buffet counters or live cooking stations. Your best steps to guarantee enjoyment of your food include:

  • Always aim for quality of food instead of the quantity of food heaped on your plate. Get the high-ticket items, such as seafood including salmon, shrimp, and oysters first, and followed by the appetizers, meats at the carving station, and salads. Avoid the breads, pastas, and other high-carbs food as you will feel fuller faster and, thus, miss out on many of the food.
  • Stick to small portions of your chosen dishes. Pick a good variety of dishes with complementary tastes but with contrasting textures.

You want to have a few bites of everything so that you can get your money’s worth.


When eating, chew your food well and savor the layers of flavours that it offers. Your buffet experience will not simply be cramming as much food into your mouth as it can handle but actually enjoying the food, even as a culinary adventure without ever leaving the country.

And be sure to leave room for dessert since it completes the meal, even when you don’t have a sweet tooth.

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