Seven Most Common Workout Mistakes

A lot of people do workouts by attending workout classes, going to the gym, or using home exercise equipments. Some people do it for months, even years, without getting any positive result.

Most often people believe that since their workouts are not working, it is really impossible for them to lose weight. Probably, there are just some lucky people who can lose weight and there are some unlucky ones who cannot.

This mentality is totally misleading. Though there are some people who lose weight easily, it does not mean that those who needs more time would never be able to lose weight.

Before giving up on your weight loss goals, you must first find out if you are doing your workouts properly. Many people fail in losing weight with their workouts because they make lots of workout mistakes. Here are the seven most common workout mistakes:

  1. Working out with an empty stomach -You need energy in order to endure strenuous workouts. Starving yourself would definitely not help. The energy that you get from energy drinks and cereal bars are not enough for your body’s workout needs. You need to eat properly before you hit the gym.
  2. Stretching before warm ups – Most people think that stretching is done after warming up. This is wrong. Your body needs heat energy from warm ups before you start stretching. Stretching without warm-ups can cause muscle strains, tissue tears, and other injuries.
  3. Drinking energy drinks or sports drinks only – Though sports drinks can help in rehydrating you, your body still need pure drinking water.
  4. Eating too much after workouts – It is normal to feel hungry after workouts, but you must stop the urge to eat too much like it is a feast. Your exercises would not work if you will keep on eating unhealthy food like sweets and junk food. The basic rule is to take in calories that are less than what you burn.Cool Down-
  5. Not doing cool downs – Cool downs are as important as warm ups. It lets the body rest properly
    after strenuous exercises. If you suddenly stop moving after running or you suddenly lie down or sit down after playing games like basketball, you might feel dizzy and you are at risk of having sudden heart attacks.
  6. Having a bad posture – A bad posture directly affects your whole body. If you would not perform the exercises with proper posture, they would not work.
  7. Not having a fixed schedule for workouts – Exercises should be done regularly at least three times a week. If you do the exercises occasionally, there will be no visible effects.
  8. Copying the exercise program of your friend – Since it worked with your friend, it does not mean that it would automatically be effective to you too. Our bodies have specific needs and reactions to specific exercises. Not every exercise that works for one person can be applicable to everyone. This is the reason why some gym instructors provide a specific workout routine that best fits your needs and goals.

In the end, diligence and patience is truly the key for successful workouts. If you would not continue exercising regularly your condition would not improve.

Ultimately, if you’d like to workout at gym near you such as DW Fitness, make sure to inquire about a personal trainer. A personal trainer will help you avoid some of these common workout mistakes.

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