Simple Exercises with Your Dog

Instead of your usual workout at David Lloyd Gyms, try working out with your dog!

Dogs are man’s best friends. They give us extreme affection and loyalty that can hardly be found in our human relationships. That is the reason why a lot of dog owners treat their dogs as important members of their family.

Sometimes, with our busy schedules, we rarely find time to bond with our pets. This can make the dogs irritable and sad. If you want to spend more productive time with your dog, you can exercise with him. There are simple things that you can do to keep you and your pet healthy. Here are some of the best exercises that you can do with your dog:

  • Follow His Lead – Instead of walking your dog, try to follow him. This means that you would need to keep up with his speed and pacing. If he stops to rest, you need to rest too. At the same time, if he runs fast, you should run as fast as him.
  • Follow His Lead- – Remember Odie from Garfield? Yes. Dogs can dance, though not exactly in the way that Odie does it. If you love dancing, try to dance with your dog. This can both help you loose some extra pounds. There are many dance workout videos in the internet that can give you tutorials. You may choose from the popular Zumba or the classic hip hop.
  • Fetch the Ball Game – If you want a fun game that your dog will easily recognize, try to play the fetch the ball game. Just start by throwing the ball, but instead of just waiting for your dog to fetch it and return it to you, run after the ball too. See who will get the ball first.
  • Squat Tease – Get your dog’s favorite toy and start with a squat position. Lightly tap your dog’s
    head with the toy and lift it as you jump. You and your dog should jump at the same time. Go back to the starting position to complete one repetition. You can do up to 15 repetitions. This would strengthen both your legs and your dog’s legs.
  • Dog Tag – This is exactly like the “Tag, You’re it” game that you used to play as a kid. However, instead of playing it with your friends, you are now going to play it with your dog. You just need to tag your dog and let him run after you. If he catches you, you are now the “it” and it would be your turn to catch him.
  • Dogstacle Course – If you have time, you can prepare a mini obstacle course for yourself and your dog. You may use old tires, pails, chairs, and ropes. This exercise will help you train your dog in following instructions. It will help both of you in improving body coordination. It can also test your bond and team work. For extra challenge you can invite other friends and their dogs.

Workouts can be more enjoyable if you are doing it with your dog. It will bring you closer to him and it will make both of you healthy.

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