Strangest Animals at the Bristol Zoo

Zoos are home to thousands of different kinds of animals but the Bristol Zoo is notable for having some of the most exotic creatures on the planet.

If you want to spend some time with animals that look bizarre and oddly cute then these are the ones you’ll want to start with:

Aye-AyeAye Aye -

The aye-aye is a kind of lemur originally from Madagascar. It is notable for its size and very long middle finger.

It is known as the world’s largest nocturnal primate and for its very unconventional means of looking for food.

The aye-aye will first tap on a tree to discern if there is any grub inside before it will begin gnawing holes. Once a hole has been made it will then use its middle finger to draw up whatever it can get.

Red Pandas

If you’ve seen the “Kung Fu Panda” movies then you’ve seen a red panda. Master Shifu is often mistaken to be a small fox or a lemur but in reality is the films’ take on a red panda, also known as a red bear-cat for its size and features.

Red pandas used to be classified along with bears and then with raccoons but have since been given their own family genus, still being related to skunks, raccoons and weasels.

Golden-headed lion tamarin

This specie of tamarin is native to Brazil and despite being in captivity very little is known so far regarding their mating system.

It is speculated that these tamarin practice a monogamous mating system and it has been shown that these strange-looking monkeys do form a strong community, particularly in taking care of their young.

Giant Gourami

The giant gourami is famous in Southeast Asia as a delicacy but this strange looking fish is also a popular attraction in zoos, including the Bristol Zoo.

The strangest feature isn’t the way it looks, however, but the fact that it can breathe in moist air. This allows the giant gourami to survive outside of the water for a much longer period compared to other fish.

The Bristol Zoo is home to several strange and exotic animals and these are only some of the most popular ones. You may also find it interesting to visit their nocturnal animals and some of the big cats, tortoises and primate areas.

For something really strange it is recommended to check out the Twilight Zone area as well.

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