The Do’s and Don’ts of Basic Salon Etiquette

Most women go to salons at least once every quarter to get a haircut or a hair treatment. Part of going to salons is creating a relationship with your stylist or other salon staff. To have a healthy relationship with your stylist, you need to apply basic salon etiquette. Here are some of the dos and don’ts in availing of salon services:

  • Arriving at the salon

    • DO: Take a shower or wash your hair before going to salons. It would be harder for your stylists to treat your hair if it is dirty or full of tangles.

Bring your own materials if there are specific products that you want to use. This is important especially if you are sensitive or allergic to some chemicals.

Have a specific style in mind. Knowing exactly want you want to do with your hair would make it easier for your stylist to provide you the results that you want. You may also bring a photo of the hairstyle that you want to copy.

  • DON’T: Come late.DONT Come late -

  • If you stylist is fully-booked, she would have to rush your haircut or treatment if you come late.

Bring food to the salon. You may grab a bite before or after getting a haircut or treatment.

  • Chatting with your stylist

    • DO: Talk about the style that you want for your hair. You can give your stylists precise instructions while she cuts or treats your hair.

Keep your conversations in a light and professional manner.

  • DON’T: Speak loudly to avoid disturbing or annoying other customers.

Talk about personal information such as family or work problems.

Talk about religion, politics, or other controversial topics.

  • Bringing a friend

    • DO: Get a haircut or treatment with your friend or sister to avoid boredom or to get opinions for your new hairstyle.
    • DON’T: Bring a friend if she is not getting a haircut or treatment too.
  • Giving a tip

    • DO: Give your stylist around 10-20% of your bill as a tip if you liked the service.

You can also provide tips for the other staff who shampooed your hair or helped in other ways.

  • DON’T: Give a tip that is too big if you do not plan to give that amount every time that you visit the salon.
  • When things go wrong
    • DO: Speak up. If you do not like your haircut or hair color, you need to tell your stylist immediately so both of you can come up with a solution to fix your hair.
    • DON’T: Wait for several days before getting your hair fixed if you do not like it.

Get mad or shout at your stylist. Instead, you can inform her in a polite manner.

The next time that you visit your favorite salon like Rush be sure to apply this basic salon etiquette. It will help you raise your salon experience to a whole new level.

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