Things to Remember in Choosing a Nail Polish Color

Having clean nails is a sign of beauty and proper personal hygiene. Women go to salons at least once a month to have their nails cleaned and to change their nail polish color. Nowadays, there are many nail polish options available in the market. Here are some things that you need to consider when choosing a new nail polish color:The Seasons -

  • Your Skin Tone – There are different colors that match specific skin tones. For example, dark colors like red or violet can make your skin look paler. If you have a fair skin and you do not want to look pale, you should avoid these colors. On the other hand, if you have warm or dark skin tone, you should avoid wearing silver and other metallic nail polish colors. These colors can make your skin look more tanned.
  • Your Personality – Your nail colors say something about you. If you want to achieve a sexy, confident look, you can opt for dark colors like red or black. If you are girly and carefree you can choose pastel colors like yellow, pink, or orange. These colors can make you look and feel younger. If you are a simple person and you just want a clean, polished look, you should choose the transparent or nude colors that would fit your skin.
  • Your School or Work – Some schools and offices do not allow nail polishes with fancy
    designs, glitters, or stickers. Make sure that you know your school or office policy on nail polishes. If you want to have a professional look at work, stick with plain colors and avoid shimmers or cartoon designs.
  • Your Clothes and Shoes – There is no sense in choosing nail polish colors that goes against the color of your daily outfit. For example, if you like to wear silver or metallic shoes, it is weird to have pastel nail polish. Clothes, shoes, and nail polish do not need to match all the time or be a perfect combination; however. You should make sure that they do not go against each other.
  • Your Hand and Foot Nail Polish – It is really good to match your nail polish color on your hands and on your foot. Some people simply go for complementary colors or different color shades while others prefer to match nudes with neons. If you are not familiar in matching colors, you can try different pastels. Pastels go well together no matter what color you choose. You can also try deep shimmers and color blocking.
  • The Seasons – If you love to match you fashion and hair to season trends, you can also
    match your nail color to the new season. For fall and winter, you can try warmer shades to contrast the cool seasons.

Nail color options are endless. You can try to experiment and mix and match different colors. If you want to make sure if a specific nail polish color fits you, you may ask the staff of your favorite salons like Tony and Guy or Rush for an advice.

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